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Letters to the editor

Get out and vote Editor, The Sun: Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are serving our military to preserve our way of life, and yet fewer and fewer of our citizens are participating in our democracy. Nov. 8 is General Election Day when Kentuckians will be selecting the President of the United States, United States Senator, United States House of Representatives and Kentucky’s General Assembly members. Members of Woodford County Farm Bureau hope every voter will make their voices heard by casting informed votes for our government leaders. Voting is a cornerstone of our democracy and fundamental to our political system and to each of us. As Kentuckians, it is our responsibility to find out the ideas of each candidate. And, as Woodford Countians, it is our responsibility to let the candidates know what issues are important to our community, and it’s easy to do. A number of key issues are expected to be considered during the 2017 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly and the 115th Session of Congress, so it is critically important we have elected officials in office who understand the importance of agriculture and the issues confronting rural Kentucky. Be involved and attend the functions candidates attend and tell them what is important and ask them about their position on key issues. Campaigns select issues based on what voters tell them are important. Your involvement will make a difference in the process. First, you must bring your issues to the front of the debate. Then, hold the candidates accountable by going to vote. Woodford County Farm Bureau urges you to make an impact by voting in the Nov. 8 general election. Melissa Lippert-Tomblin, president Woodford County Farm Bureau What happened? Editor, The Sun: I am just so very disappointed. I feel violated, it seems that some people do not feel that I and others have a right to free speech. I have had eight Trump signs stolen out of my yard and I know of at least 19 other signs stolen or vandalized here in Versailles. Some people also feel that it is okay to steal and vandalize other people’s property just because they want to or don’t like the choice of candidates of other people. I have been proud, happy, and – I thought – safe in Versailles ever since I moved here in 1974. I have always felt that this is a good town to raise a family in, which is what I have done. I just don’t feel that way anymore. I have seen an ugly part of Versailles that I thought was just not possible. In the past, people in Versailles I knew have always respected race, religion, and political views. As a matter of fact, the people that I first met when I moved to town told me that I should register as a Democrat to vote in local elections, which is what I did. I am 74 years old and I have never seen a political race like this. When Nancy Pelosi took over as speaker of the House of Representatives in 2006, I could no longer go along with that way of thinking, so I changed party affiliations. I guess I have always been conservative, but I have always respected other people’s rights and have taught my children to be respectful of others with good manners. I think my grandchildren are being taught the same thing and I pray they will grow up to be good adults as their parents are. Have I been living in a make-believe world or am I just been crazy? Gary Weil Versailles

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