• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Women to make 'living art'

Folks who pass the Woodford County Courthouse Saturday between the hours of 10 a.m. and noon will see red. Their view will have nothing to do with anger over the approaching election, but rather, an "art installation" of several dozen women wearing red t-shirts and holding signs bearing positive adjectives. "It's celebrating all of the women who have fearlessly participated in the 'I Am' project," said Jennifer Adkinson Doser, a 1992 graduate of Woodford County High and publisher of the new 'I Am. Magazine.' Doser said the goal of the three-month project is to celebrate the beauty and power of all women, dozens of whom she's photographed and encouraged to tell their stories on video. The videos are posted on the magazine website (www.iammagazine.me), and pictures and short biographies of the women make it into the print version, the first issue of which was published Sept. 1. Submitted poetry, short stories and blogs are added daily on the online version, Doser said. Doser said Saturday's gathering will celebrate both the beginning of the magazine and the women holding signs. "Some of (the words) the ladies have picked to describe themselves. And this is very emotional for a lot of women, because a lot of these women come to us with no self-esteem, abusive marriages and unhealthy relationships. Doser said. "To stand out in public with the word 'phenomenal' or 'beautiful' or 'worthy' - it's a very emotional thing." Nearly all of the women are from Versailles, Doser said. "We're hoping that people come up and if a woman's holding a sign that says, 'I am beautiful,' they're going to say, 'Yes, you are beautiful,' because some of these women have never heard that ." Doser said. Signs encouraging better self-esteem will be handed to interested passersby, who'll be welcome to join the gathering, Doser said. "Think of what kind of world we would have if everyone had good self-esteem," Doser said. "It would be an amazing place ." Asked whether a honk from a passing car would be welcome, Doser said, "Absolutely. That's a world that we don't know. If someone wants to come up and hug somebody, as long as they keep their hands above their rear, that's okay. . I think it's going to be beautiful."

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