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One of the more popular events in town this year was the Not-So-Scary Haunted House. Last Saturday, the Midway Woman’s Club found a perfect niche to help young people work their way into the haunted house scene without the kids having to spend the rest of their childhood in therapy. The parents made their way to the clubhouse located at the corner of East Stephens Street and Gratz Street and introduced their children to not so scary characters outside and inside the club house. Each character made sure the young visitors enjoyed their visit. When the tour was over, they came out with a smile and they received a treat. Even though the scariness of the haunted house was toned down a bit, the effort and the costumes were pretty amazing. Even the mayor, who was dressed as a ghoul, played scary music on the piano raising and lowering the volume according to the expression on the child’s face. Of course, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that his piano playing scares me no matter what the volume is. Great job, Midway Woman’s Club, you out did yourselves on this one. ••• The Second Annual Carved Pumpkin Contest hosted by the Midway Presbyterian Church started off an evening of trick-or-treating Halloween night. This year, the contest had an adult class and a youth class. There were three categories in each class. The judges for this year’s contest were Genie Graf, Amanda Glass, Midway Mayor Grayson Vandegrift, and yours truly, John McDaniel. The winners in the adult class were Bart Shockley, scariest pumpkin; Debra Shockley took the award for the most creative pumpkin; and Mary Weese carved the pumpkin with the most Halloween spirit. Not to be outdone by any means, the youth class presented some outstanding carving of their own, with Henry Weese carving the pumpkin with the most Halloween spirit. Grayson Keith followed up with a carving that the judges declared that it was the scariest in its class with Emily Wilson showing her talents as her pumpkin was declared the most creative. All of the above activities leading up to the act of trick-or-treating just set the stage for tricksters to attack the Midway homes on Halloween night. I would have to say that this year was the biggest invasion of clowns, baby chickens, Spidermen, witches and pirates that I have ever seen in Midway, and those were just some of the costumes that the adults were wearing. As always, Higgins Street takes the prize for the most winners on a street and no wonder. Every other house was decorated to the max. I wanted to take a special picture this year, but the lack of rain squashed the idea. Allen Copeland, a Midway resident who lives on Higgins Street, did something this year that I’ve wanted to do for years. During the summer, he had three giant pumpkins growing out in front of his home. Although two of the pumpkins dried up and collapsed, there was one still standing at the beginning of this month and the thing had to weigh at least 300 pounds. I wanted to gather trick-or-treaters around the giant fruit Halloween night and get a picture, but alas with no rain this month, the pumpkin collapsed before spook night. This year was still a great night for Halloween, giant pumpkin or not. One of the major Halloween strongholds, located on Winter Street, reported nearly 400 visitors. ••• Don’t forget to get your kids involved in this year’s election. Midway Kids Voting will be held Tuesday, Nov. 8, at the Northside Elementary School gymnasium from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Midway Woman’s Club volunteers will be on hand with a special ballot box just for kids to cast their vote. This non-partisan program is intended to educate children on the process of voting. Children ages kindergarten to 12th grade can cast their ballot for U.S. President, U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, and the Kentucky House of Representatives. ••• Midway University presented the university’s 2016 Community Spirit Award to Joyce Evans and her late husband, Joel Evans, at its third annual Day for Midway. Attendees from the Midway community were on hand to witness the presentation and participate in the silent action. The program took place on the Midway University campus at the Anne Hart Raymond Center. Fire Hydrant Flushing The Midway Water Works Department will be flushing fire hydrants on Monday, Nov. 14, through Friday, Nov. 18, starting at 9 a.m. and continuing through 3 p.m. This operation involves simultaneously opening several fire hydrants in an area to create increased water flows. This is necessary to clean the distribution system of any mineral deposits and sediment that may have built up in the mains. It is possible that residents may notice cloudy tap water, but the cloudiness should pass in a short time and the water is safe to drink. The water should be allowed to clear before residents do laundry. The City of Midway is not responsible for laundry being damaged during the hydrant-flushing period. For more information, contact City Hall at 846-4413.

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