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Midway University presents Community Spirit Award

DR. JOHN P. MARSDEN, left, president of Midway University and Ellen D. Gregory, right, vice president of marketing and communications, Midway University, present the 2016 Community Spirit Award to Joyce Evans. (Photo submitted)

At its third annual Day for Midway celebration on Oct. 27, Midway University presented its Community Spirit Award to Joyce and the late Joel Evans in recognition of their longstanding dedication to improving the city of Midway. The couple arrived in the community as graduate students in 1968 and spent the ensuing years dedicating their time and energy to projects for the betterment of their beloved city. Some of the many activities and causes with which they were involved include: . The establishment of Midway's first Tree Board and its designation as a Tree City, USA . Serving on the board of the Kentucky River Water Shed Watch program and as a program coordinator for the South Elkhorn Creek. The pair also helped to protect water quality in Central Kentucky by spending many years as water samplers. . Efforts to organize a Midway component of the Woodford Coalition, an organization dedicated to farmland preservation. . Acting as Midway's representative to the Versailles, Midway, Woodford County Planning Commission. . Delighting children and adults alike by serving as Santa Claus at the annual Midway Christmas Festival. "The city of Midway is a true Bluegrass treasure and our institution is fortunate to have neighbors like Joel and Joyce Evans who have devoted their talents and energy to maintaining and improving the community," said Dr. John P. Marsden, president, Midway University. "Whether getting involved in local government, protecting natural resources or simply opening their home and providing a warm meal, Joel and Joyce are the embodiment of community spirit." The Community Spirit Award is presented during Midway University's annual Day for Midway celebration, held each fall to celebrate the long-standing relationship between the institution and Woodford County.

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