• Stephen Peterson, Managing Editor

Trump defeats Clinton; Paul, Barr, Kay reelected

Following perhaps the most divisive and bitter national political campaign in American history, Republican businessman Donald Trump won Tuesday's election for President of the United States, putting an end to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's bid to become the nation's first female president. Though both received 47.6 percent of the popular vote, Trump won several key states to put his electoral vote total at 276, while Clinton won 213 electoral votes. Kentucky and Woodford County were both solidly in the Trump camp, with the Republican candidate sweeping the entire state except for the Louisville and Lexington metropolitan areas. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Trump received 1,202,942 votes (62.5 percent) statewide to 628,834 (32.7 percent) for Clinton. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson received 53,749 votes (2.8 percent), Green Party candidate Jill Stein 13,913 (0.7 percent), Independent Evan McMullin 22,780, and AMD candidate Rocky Roque De La Fuente 1,128 (0.06 percent), In Woodford County, Trump received 7,697 votes to 4,958 for Clinton, 529 for Johnson, 117 for Stein, 246 for McMullin, and 13 for De La Fuente. Incumbent U.S. Sen. Rand Paul held off a challenge from Democratic Lexington Mayor Jim Gray. Statewide, Paul received 1,090,151 votes (57 percent) to 813,222 (42 percent) for Gray. Nationwide, Republicans retained control of the U.S. Senate as well as the House of Representatives. In Woodford County, the race was tighter, as Paul collected 6,838 votes to 6,756 for Gray. Andy Barr, also an incumbent Republican, retained his seat in the U.S. House by defeating Democrat Nancy Jo Kemper 202,094 votes to 128,725 across Kentucky's 6th Congressional District. Barr followed that pattern in Woodford County, taking 8,640 votes to 4,873 for Kemper. Versailles incumbent Democratic state Rep. James Kay held off a challenge from Republican Daniel Fister, winning 12,590 votes across the 56th Kentucky House District to 8,525 for Fister. In Woodford County, Kay received 8,180 votes to 5,255 for Fister. State Sen. Julian Carroll ran unopposed on Tuesday's general election ballot. In the nonpartisan race for Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court's 5th District, Larry VanMeter beat out Glenn Acree 178,720 votes to 62,624 across the district, and in Woodford County by a tally of 7,578 to 2,521. Local races Three seats on the Woodford County Board of Education were on Tuesday's ballot. In District 1, incumbent Ambrose Wilson IV, who ran unopposed, received 1,471 votes. In District 3, Debby Edelen, who also ran unopposed, received 1,245 votes. In District 4, incumbent Sherri Springate won a tight race against challenger Piper White, garnering 743 votes to 718 for White. In the nonpartisan race for the Versailles City Council, all four incumbents who stood for reelection retained their seats - Ann Miller with 1,934 votes, Mary Ellen Bradley with 1,842 votes, Owen Roberts with 1,574 votes, and Ken Kerkhoff with 1,410 votes. Newcomer Laura Dake (1,770 votes) and former council member Mike Coleman (1,736 votes) will round out the six-member council. Current council members Gary Jones and Carl Ellis did not seek reelection. In the nonpartisan race for the Midway City Council, only incumbent Steven Craig, with 355 votes, failed to retain his seat on the six-member council. Incumbents Libby Warfield (388 votes), Bruce Southworth (438 votes), Sara Hicks (457 votes), and Kaye Nita Gallagher (426 votes) will be joined on the council by John McDaniel (413 votes) and Steve Simoff (408 votes). Incumbent council member Dan Roller did not seek reelection. Turnout Voter turnout in Woodford County was 67.22 percent, while statewide, the turnout was 58.96 percent.

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