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Midway News - Personals and Comments

In case you missed the election news last week, I would like to report that Midway will have two new council members serving the city next year. They are as follows: Sara Hicks with 457 votes, Bruce Southworth had 435 votes, Kaye Nita Gallagher 426, John McDaniel 413, Steve Simoff, 408, and Libby Warfield 388. One thing about the Midway election, there weren’t any scandals or mud-slinging in this year’s election. I found last week’s Clipper news for 1917 that Midway ran a Peoples Ticket that year and they made a complete sweep with their candidates for mayor, police judge, and city council taking the majority votes. There was a time just a month before the election in 1921 the Bluegrass Clipper reported that an unusual situation now prevails in Midway. With a short time left before the election, there had been no announcements for mayor or city council. The task is apparently so thankless that no one wants to be bothered. There was a wet-dry vote one year that stirred up the town and even had the churches in town involved, but that is a story for another time. ••• Are there any households out there that may have some gently used toys lying around the house and in the way? Midway Presbyterian Church will be collecting these toys for the Buckhorn Mission Store in Buckhorn, Ky., allowing local families in Eastern Kentucky to pick out affordable gifts. Anyone wanting to donate to this cause can drop them off on the front porch of the church by Sunday, Nov. 20. ••• I looked out my kitchen window Saturday and saw a bunch of runners making their way back to the finish line in town. There have been several races ran this year from 3Ks to half-marathons. It takes a lot of effort and lots of volunteers to make these races successful and the proceeds from many of these races go to local charities. There is another organization that not only enhances the success of these races, but makes sure that the course that is run is safe. I’m talking about the Versailles Police Department. They do a great job keeping everyone from getting hit by a car. If you had your kids in Midway trick-or-treating this year, you probably noticed their presence in town, watching the intersections and patrolling town while the 400 or so little costumed characters made their way around town knocking on doors. The police are always being criticized because cars are going too fast down a certain street. Having worked Midway as a police officer for a number of years, I can say that all these speeders aren’t going to be caught. It’s just a fact of life. I see the police cars patrolling Midway and I see the night patrolman checking each door of the downtown businesses each night. I for one think that we are fortunate to have the police department that we have and would like to thank them for their work here in Midway. ••• With the elections more or less behind us, I thought about what my Irish grandmother told me when I asked her about voting and how one person’s vote is going to change anything. “Well, Johnny Boy, your grandpa always said ‘if you don’t vote, you get the government you deserve, and if you do, you never get the results you expected.’”

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