• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

WCHS sophomore still helping others

Being able to donate personal care items to the Food Pantry for Woodford County has become a way for Tara Barbour to give back to her community. Knowing how many people in the community are willing to support her endeavor means a lot to the Woodford County High School sophomore. For three years now, Tara has collected and then donated toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and other personal care items to the local food pantry so less-fortunate families in the community will not have to do without. "I just like to help people," says Tara, 15. She and her family delivered 4,037 personal care items to the Food Pantry for Woodford County last Monday afternoon, Nov. 14. They filled the back of her parents' Ford Explorer, her uncle's truck and her grandfather's Explorer with items collected during Tara's Toiletry Drive. "She's very generous and very caring," older sister Amber Barbour says, "and I couldn't be prouder of her." She credits their parents, June and David Barbour, for raising her younger sibling "to give to others before yourself." Numerous local businesses supported Tara's efforts to provide personal care items to less-fortunate families in Woodford County. "We got a lot more of the community involved with it," says Tara. Besides the necessities, she took pride this year in being able to use monetary donations to purchase "luxury items," including cotton swabs, hair conditioner and body wash. Before making a delivery to the Food Pantry for Woodford County last week, Tara spent months collecting donated items and purchasing items with monetary donations. While shopping with her mom, Tara always looked for the "best deals." "So she's become a really smart shopper," says Jane Barbour. Tara plans to continue volunteering in her community. "It's good to do something for other people and not expect anything in return," says Tara. As a volunteer at the Food Pantry for Woodford County, she saw the financial hardships of others firsthand - compelling her to start Tara's Toiletry Drive. Asked why her youngest daughter has become so dedicated to helping others, mom responds, "A big heart."

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