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Biased media Editor, The Sun: We're all witnessing the great spectacle of Liberalism melting down in the wake of an election where the voters returned the balance of power to the people. The biased media used what little credibility they had left in an effort to prop up a candidate whose policy positions reflected only the rich, super elite, at the expense of America. With the realization that we have actually vastly improved our lot in life, voters are reassured their instincts were correct, and those folks who preached a big government philosophy are seething with rage at being proven wrong. Since the media can no longer be trusted, it is incumbent upon all of us to remain in the know, as the media will now only double down. They will try every deceitful trick to mislead honest, hard-working Americans, and we must remain ever vigilant to always recognize their bias. And it's not just spinning news stories to help Democrats, they're embedded in pop culture and education. Read one of your kids' textbooks sometime and you'll see the propaganda immediately. They don't worry that their view has been rejected, again. Liberals will never stop trying to push their control on us. Don't let them. Bill Marshall Midway

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