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Midway author Bob Rouse will be reading his latest Christmas story this Thursday at the Midway Woman’s Club clubhouse. The event will begin at 7 p.m. The reading is open to the public. It is official: the Midway Woman’s Club will be having its annual Christmas home outdoor decorating contest. The Christmas decorating judges will be driving every street in Midway, looking for the best decorated homes and businesses Friday, Dec. 16, starting at 6:30 p.m. There are several categories of judging. Who knows? Your house or business could be a winner. There is no charge for this contest. All winners will be listed in the Dec. 22 issue of The Woodford Sun. ••• The Midway Merchants Association hosted a business social last Thursday night to discuss how business owners could increase the Midway Merchants Association membership and what the future holds for the Midway Fall Festival. About 25 people attended the event that was held at the Grey Goose. Parking issues, public restrooms, improving communications among business owners, and better relationships between business owners were just some of the issues that were discussed at the meeting. There was some discussion about the need for public restrooms on Main Street. Midway Mayor Grayson Vandegrift said he understood the need, but saw it as a future endeavor for the city: “We can use our resources in better ways.” He estimated $20,000 would need to be raised for a restroom and maintenance that is required, and suggested that Midway Renaissance aid in the fundraising effort. Vandegrift also commented that he sees where the city could play a bigger role in helping local businesses and added, “Maybe we need to help out a little more than we have the last two years.” He also announced that he would be making appointments to a new committee called Events, Outreach and Tourism. He has named council members-elect John McDaniel and Simoff to the committee already; both council members-elect were present during the meeting. ••• Last Saturday was pretty special, as I visited Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm. I had received word that a new horse would be coming to stay at the farm. Now this wasn’t one of the horses that I hadn’t heard of before. This was a Midway horse that had won the first two legs of the Triple Crown in 1999. Charismatic won the Kentucky Derby at 31-1 odds and the Preakness at 8-1 odds. He was winning the Belmont when he slowed down and came in third, favoring his left front leg. The injury ended his racing career. He was born on Parrish Hill Farm (now Southern Equine) just outside the Midway city limits. Just to let all you horse racing fans know that’s not the end of this little tale. Right next to the paddock where Charismatic was unloaded was another Midway horse, that was bred by Charles Nuckols Jr. & Sons and won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness in 2002 and there is a good possibility that if he hadn’t almost gone down to his knees at the start of the Belmont, he would have won that race. Oh well, that’s horse racing. If woulda coulda he shoulda. There they were two Midway horses, War Emblem and Charismatic, just yards away from each other. Who woulda thunk it? Check out these two Midway horses at Old Friends. There are other famous Thoroughbreds on the farm, too, but they aren’t from Midway.

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