• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Here's Johnny - Odds and ends (once again)

Every once in a while, I can't think of one topic on which to spend 600 to 800 words. Today is one of those once-in-a-whiles. Many of these are from the Forgot To Tell You In A Timely Fashion File (Vol. 7). . At the Versailles Christmas Parade, a little girl with Down syndrome, perhaps 7 or 8 years old, smiled at me and reached over the fence of the old St. Leo's School for a high-five. I walked over and put my hand up - only to see her yank her hand back and say, "Psych!" She laughed, I grinned, and she reached over the fence again. I put my hand up and she pulled hers back, calling out, once again, "Psych!" She walked off, secure in her victory. I grinned in a rueful fashion and walked back to take more parade pictures. I had all sorts of flash-related problems that night, due no doubt to a deflated sense of self. . I cannot believe a Navy vet such as yours truly didn't write a column last week about the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor that would have run one day after said anniversary. I can only pledge that if I'm still around here in 2041, I'll have a darn good one. In fact, I will start jotting down a few notes on the subject as soon as I finish this bit of odds and ends. . Speaking about The World's Finest Navy, which our company commanders in boot camp assured us that we'd joined, I left active duty 25 years ago Sunday. I was more Hawkeye and Trapper John than G.I. Joe, but I learned a fun if not-always-lucrative trade, I finished my bachelor's degree at night, and my six years and four months in uniform were full of quiet laughs at authority figures. It was an honor to serve. . In light of Donald Trump's victory, does anyone else wonder what Stephen King thinks about when he recalls his 1979 novel, The Dead Zone? Speaking of our president-elect, I wasn't aware that Mr. Trump had won the popular vote for president. I had thought, based on the results compiled by professionals from both political parties in every state, that Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote, and by nearly three million votes. Then our president-elect said he did win, and only seemed to have lost because of massive fraud, and though he offered no evidence of said fraud, it was, um . well . Sorry, I don't know how to finish that sentence. . Moving is one of life's lesser joys, particularly if you are accompanied by cats. They meow pitifully during the entire trip, then are freaked out for at least a day. I hope it's not much more than a day. If I'm awoken at 4 a.m. by Zappa again, he's going to have to write this sleep-forsaken column. . Thanks to Peggy Carter S. for the massive box of brownies, cookies and other Christmas goodies she delivered to The Sun last week. Yes, I may have to have two of my suits taken out a bit, but thanks anyway. And no, Ms. S - I cannot guarantee that I will wait until Christmas to open the present you referred to in your voicemail. Dear Readers who consider the edibles and/or Christmas present a bid to bias my judgement in favor of Mr. S's various enterprises will get an extra lump of coal in their stocking. Besides, I already ate most of the evidence, and fine-tasting evidence it was, particularly the brownies. . Jerry Williams, creator of a no-budget space opera serial called Astro Space Hero (see story on page 1), is one of my favorite people. He is humble and funny and positive and just a darn good egg. I saw him at the Christmas parade with his spousal unit and hatchling and, as always, he greeted your humble columnist/photographer with a big smile and a renewal of his promise to put me in one of his little movies. Jerry, as soon as I shed the weight I gained from eating most of the Ms. S's evidence, I'm all in. Right now, there's too much of me all in, and even no-budget cameras can add 10 pounds.

Also, thanks for not faking a high-five and screaming, "Psych!"

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