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It’s less than two weeks before Christmas. Of course, I’m sure that you already know that or, better yet, you probably have it down to the number of days and hours. It seems that a lot of people are coming to town to finish their Christmas shopping at the downtown stores. So if you are looking for something different to buy someone, I can promise you can find that special gift downtown – and remember, shopping locally helps keep the community alive and healthy. I am always late when it comes to doing the Christmas thing – if I do anything at all. I never was big on setting up the Christmas tree: It seemed that Christmas trees are a personal curse. For example, there was the time when I loaded up the family into the old station wagon to go Christmas tree hunting. We were making our way down Leestown Road headed for Tree Land when I noticed that a tire was rolling down the road right beside us. My daughter looked out the window and commented, “Dad I think that is one of our tires.”

I pulled the car off the road as the tire finally came to a stop on the other side of the road. I got out and looked at my car and, sure enough, we were riding on three wheels. The service station that had rotated my tires the day before had forgotten to tighten the lugs on the tire. Not to let a little thing like a missing tire stop our cutting adventure, I put the tire back on after finding a couple of lugs down the highway and borrowing a lug from my other three tires we were off and rolling again. After 13 hours of traveling, fixing tires, and cutting down a tree, we had our Christmas tree. I know you’re probably thinking that could happen to anybody, but that same year – actually, it was the next year – that tree was still up and I had finally had enough of looking at it. All Christmas stuff should be put away by New Year’s Day. It seemed that everyone was anxious to get the tree up but no one was all that excited about taking it down. It was three days after New Year’s and I was in the basement watching TV and had a big fire going in the fireplace. I began thinking if could just feed the Christmas tree into the fire, I wouldn’t even have to drag it upstairs – brilliant, but in theory only. I stuck one end of the tree into the fire and swoosh; you would have thought someone had soaked the tree in gasoline. I thought I was in the movie “Backdraft” as the heat from the flash sent me across the room. Well, the flames went from the tree to my Lazy Boy chair, the couch and began scorching the ceiling tiles. I went to the phone to call the fire department but the line was burnt. I ran out into the front yard. I saw my neighbor watching the smoke pour from my house and yelled at her to call the fire department. Having done that, I began to feel the snow on my bare feet and began shaking in the 15 degree weather when it dawned on me that I was out in the cold and all I had on was my underwear. I ran back into the house used the fire extinguisher and a couple of buckets of water to hold down the flames until the fire department got there. It was after all that when I became leery of all Christmas trees brought into the house. One good thing came out of all this. I never had to take down another Christmas tree after Christmas. While I am on the subject of Christmas trees and decorating for Christmas, be sure to put the final touches on your outside decorations by this Friday. Starting at 6:30 p.m., the Midway Woman’s Club Christmas decoration judges will begin making their rounds through every street in Midway to hand out awards for the best decorated homes. All winners will be listed in the Dec. 22 issue of The Woodford Sun.

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