• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Possible change to sign rules raises questions

A proposed sign ordinance text amendment that will allow charitable events and activities to be advertised on banners placed on fences and poles has been recommended for approval by the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning and Zoning Commission. P&Z conducted a hearing to discuss the proposed text amendment on Dec. 10, which led to questions about whether or not the current prohibition of banners in other situations is necessary. One Woodford County resident voiced frustration over not being able to promote his community-supported agriculture (commonly known as a CSA) enterprise on a banner attached to a fence or pole on his property, which he described as a restriction of his freedom. Banners are already allowed when attached to buildings, but not to fences or poles. Political signs are not regulated by this local ordinance. The proposed text amendment to the current sign ordinance was requested by the City of Versailles. The recommendation from the Planning Commission goes to the city councils of Midway and Versailles, as well as Woodford Fiscal Court for approval before the proposed change to the sign ordinance takes effect. Before any additional changes to the current sign ordinance can address other circumstances such as using a banner to promote a CSA or the Woodford County Farmers' Market, Planning Commission attorney Tim Butler said P&Z would need to conduct another public hearing to consider those specific situations, or it could conduct a hearing to get public input during "a larger discussion about the sign ordinance as a whole." Re-inspection fees The commission approved building inspector Isaac Hughes's request to impose re-inspection fees to contractors after his follow-up inspection, provided at no additional cost. The $50 fee for a re-inspection would escalate - doubling with each subsequent re-inspection. Request tabled A subdivision and consolidation plat for 115 and 121 Bellview Avenue was postponed until next month.

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