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One of the bits of news that we have been waiting for is who won the 12th annual Woman’s Club House Decorating Contest. According to the judges, there were some tough decisions to be made as there were some exceptional decorating done this year. Be sure to take this list and check out all the hard work that everyone has done to make their homes all Christmassy. The MWC House Decorating judging took place on Dec. 16 starting at 6:30 p.m., and the following are the winners in each category: • Most Animated Lights – 222 E. Stephens St.; Best Front Door – 412 Mill Rd.; Best Wreath – 408 Merrywood Dr. • Most Creative Lights – 106 Cottage Grove; Most Whimsical Lights – 138 Carriage Lane. • Best Daytime Display – 238 W. Stephens St. • Best Indoor Tree – City Hall 101 E. Main St. • Best Christmas Spirit – 548 S. Winter St. • Best Traditional Decorations – 251 W. Cross St. (gate open by chance). • Best Business Decorations – Mezzo 1331 E. Main St. • Best Overall Design – 232 W. Higgins St. • Best Outdoor Tree – 120 E. Higgins St. • Most Fun – 103 Carriage Lane. • Best Porch – 221 Johnson St. • Best Yard – 219 Cottage Grove. • Special 2016 12th Anniversary MWC Holiday Décor Judging Award – 102 Cottage Grove. • Best for Spirit of Woodford County – 105 Circle Dr. ••• I just finished reading Bob Rouse’s “Merry Christmas Kitty.” This is this year’s edition to his series of Hometown Holiday Stories. He writes a Christmas story every year. He dedicates his story each year to the Woodford Humane Society, encouraging those who are so inclined to give and not to forget the Woodford Humane Society when donating money to various non-profit organizations. Like I said, I just finished reading Bob’s latest work. It put me into a Christmas mood, so much in fact that I decided to come up with my own Christmas story, “Christmas Eve in Midway.” As I was writing this, I am sure my sixth-grade teacher, Ms. Evelyn Clark, teacher to seven generations of Midwegians at Midway High School, turned over in her grave a few times. If I did this in her class, she would have patted me on the shoulder and said, “Now, John William, you take this back to your seat and see if you can improve it.” Keeping Ms. Clark in mind, I learned about alliterative verse, iambic pentameter and other types of verse. Since I am a student of gonzo journalism, I am going to call this gonzo poetry and the rhythm used is iambic bentameter. It was the night before Christmas and not much movement in our little town All the stores and restaurants and even the train tracks were all shut down. Would Santa overlook our area because there was no action? He knew there were children here; he saw them earlier when he came in on the R.J. Corman Train. He remembers it well, good lord he was the main attraction. The thought of not stopping in Midway would drive him insane. He took his sleigh and park on the Midway water tower. His eyes first caught the Grey Goose and he couldn’t stop thinking about Happy Hour. Nice decorations caught his eye at the Mezzo. He remembered the pizza there and laughed out loud, Ho Ho Ho! There must be children here all the houses in town were decorated with lights so bright. No one would work that hard and leave town this special night. Then he remembered the lists he received from the kids when he visited town, on Christmas Open House Day. It came back to him how nice the parents and kids were, no lump of coal to be left here, absolutely not, no way. He checked his watch he was running a bit behind, he dallied too much he was running out of time. But wait – there were two Midway councilmen elect walking, Steve and John seeing the look on Santa’s face …. don’t worry Santa everything will be fine. Santa explained his dilemma gave each one a bag, told them the magic word to enter each house. Steve and John knew this was really a test for things to come; it was an honor to help Santa run his routes. It only took a short time to complete Santa’s tasks. And Santa was grateful as he pulled out three silver flasks. He proposed a toast dedicated to Steve and John you guys will do great next year. The people of this town have nothing to fear and if Bruce was here I would have given him a beer. Steve and John blinked their eyes and Santa was gone. But they heard him shout out “Merry Christmas to all the folks here. With two guys like Steve and John how can things go wrong? Merry Christmas, everyone!

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