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WCMS wrestling Tigers 7th at Union County

The Woodford County Middle School wrestling team traveled to Union County on Saturday, Dec. 17, and finished seventh out of 13 teams in the Battle of the Brave wrestling tournament.

Here are the results.

Team Results

In the team competition, Union County finished in first place with 21 wrestlers earning 231 points.

In second was Mater Dei, Ind., who had 16 wrestlers and scored 219 points, while Walton Verona finished third with 17 wrestlers earning 201 points.

Rounding out the field was McCracken County (4th place, 33 wrestlers, 170.5 points); River City (5th, 12, 142 points); Carr Wrestling (6th, 8, 138 points); Woodford (7th, 11, 96.5 points); Christian County (8th, 10, 52.5 points); Eagles Wrestling Club (9th, 16, 46 points); Meade County (10th, 11, 38 points); Hopkinsville (11th, 7, 31 points); John Hardin (12th, 11, 19.5 points) and Kentucky All-Stars (13th, 1, 3 points).

Individual results

In the individual competition, Woodford had one second-place, one third-place and one fourth-place finisher, two fifth-place finishers and three sixth-place finishers. Here are the results.

* 152 pounds: Will Smithers lost to McCracken County’s Hunter Bradley in the final and finished in second place.

* 121 pounds: Jonathan Pittman defeated Walton Verona’s Robert Streine to finish in third place.

* 169 pounds: Tony Ornelas lost to EWC’s Bryson Gran to finish in fourth place.

* 92 pounds: Gavin Andreoni defeated River City’s Matthew Meyer to finish in fifth place.

* 98 pounds: Ashley Courtney defeated Christian County’s Gage Fowler to finish in fifth place.

* 80-pounds: Conner Dutton lost to Mater Dei’s Evan Seng and to finish in sixth place.

* 113 pounds: Jackson Gielear lost to McCracken County’s Landon Hideg to finish in sixth place.

* 190 pounds: Grant Garrison finished sixth in an injury-loss to EWC’s Cade Crume.

Other wrestlers who participated, but did not place were William Embry (105 lbs), Camden Bohanan (130 pounds), and Andrew Kartner (169 pounds).

Next up, Woodford travels to Walton Verona for a dual tournament on Saturday, Jan. 7, at 10 a.m.


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