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Ringing the bell Editor, The Sun: I just cannot let John McDaniel’s article (Dec. 29) go without saying he is not the only one with memories of blowing the fire whistle in Midway. My father, Jesse Bain, who was the assistant fire chief for many years and also ran the blacksmith shop next to the fire station, rang the fire whistle for many years at 12 o’clock every day. People used to say they could set their clocks by him as he was always right on time. He never missed a day of ringing that bell except on Sunday. This was done in order to be sure that the bell was always in ringing order in the event there was a fire. Since his shop was so close to the fire station, if there was a fire, he would always be first to get there to open the doors, and then when the truck left, he would get on the back of the truck and go with them to the fire. I am not sure when all of this started but my father’s part in the fire station is molded deep into my mind. My dad used to let me ring the whistle every now and then. There were two buttons, one to start the blow and the other to hold the ring for 2 minutes and 8 seconds so it would ring only the one time. Holding that button for that long was hard on the thumb for me as a young girl. My father passed away in 1951 so I am sure John doesn’t remember this part of the history, but believe me, I know what I am talking about. When I hear the siren go off at 11 o’clock, sometimes I just wish it would go back to the old time of 12, but then maybe the hour of 12 really belonged to my dad as he was so good at the job. Doris B. Nave Midway Helping others Editor, The Sun: Thank you for the opportunity to add to an article written by John McGary on the “Journey Church to open a thrift store” (Dec. 29). The clothing bank operating in a building at Journey Church has been run by volunteers from churches throughout the community for almost two decades. This particular iteration of the clothing bank was the brainchild of a handful of individuals who saw a need and a way to help others in Woodford County. The clothing bank began in the basement of the Community Center as an ecumenical venture and came under the auspices of the Woodford County Ministerial Association. When Community Center space became too small, Woodford Community Christian Church enclosed its picnic pavilion, offered it as a new home for the clothing bank and the ministry was moved to a great new location. The clothing bank board, elected from the ecumenical volunteer base, covered the expenses of operations in new facility with donations. The Salvation Army’s annual donation covered the cost of electricity. Other donations kept the septic system holding tank pumped, the HVAC system working and basic supplies needed to operate the charity. The clothing bank offered donated goods free to any resident of Woodford County. No vouchers or proof of need was required, only proof of residency. It also provided donations to the Nile, the Woodford Humane Society, the Department of Social Services for clients and foster children in need, group homes, Hurricane Katrina survivors, the Woodford Theater, and many other groups and organizations in surrounding areas. Although the clothing bank had set hours of operation, it would be opened at any time for a family in crisis. Items that could not be used by the clothing bank and some out-of-season donations were donated to Cedar Ridge and/or Goodwill. Articles of clothing that were stained or in need of repair were often taken home by volunteers for a good scrub or mending. Donations were valuable and nothing went to waste. The clothing bank has been a wonderful ministry and served the community for many years. The hard-working dedicated volunteers, the governing board, the Woodford County Ministerial Association, and Journey Church’s providing a rent-free facility all deserve a great deal of gratitude for supporting the clothing bank, a successful Woodford County Ministry. Best of Luck to Journey Church as it moves forward building upon a great legacy created by many for many. Linda Reeves Versailles

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