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Letter to the editor

More care Editor, The Sun: As it's the time of year for heavy snow and snow plows to remove the snow, I do wish the city of Versailles, when they're removing snow from subdivisions, would take a little extra time to not block the driveways of us people who live in a cul-de-sac areas like myself. A lot of us are senior citizens who find it hard enough to shovel our driveways, then have to go out on the street and shovel the driveway entrance. I as well as others who live in one of these cul-de-sacs think the city could have a little more consideration and not be in such a hurry and just push the snow on the curb between the sidewalk and the street. It seems like I have talked to the Versailles mayor about this but it must have gone right over his head. We pay city taxes, so therefore do a better job. Your paychecks come from us. Ida Smith Versailles

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