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Lately, the Midway City Council has been discussing improving the damaged sidewalks around town. It won’t be long before some of that planning will be put into action, and over the next few years all of Midway’s sidewalks should be in good shape. I would think that such a goal would be something that all home owners would like to see come true. While I am on the subject of sidewalks, I wonder how many Midwegians got out and walked through town while the snow was falling. I always enjoyed being outside when the snow is falling, especially now that I am more or less retired. I realize there are people who will be walking on city sidewalks because they have to in order to get where they are going. Homeowners have a responsibility to clean the snow off of the sidewalks adjacent to their property. I would think that homeowners would want to do this out of consideration for their fellow man. Many Midwegians may not know that there is a city ordinance addressing snow covered sidewalks. It reads as follows: It shall be the duty of the owner or of the occupant of each and every parcel of real estate in the city abutting upon any sidewalk to keep the sidewalk abutting his or her premises free and clear of snow and ice to the extent feasible under the prevailing weather conditions, and to remove therefrom all snow and ice, to the extent feasible under the prevailing weather conditions, accumulated thereon within a reasonable time which will ordinarily not exceed 12 hours after the abatement of any storm during which the snow and ice may have accumulated. Of course, there is always someone who may fall and the first thing they do after getting up is get on the Internet and locate a good slip-and-fall lawyer. I mention this only because I’m sure no one wants to see anyone get hurt from a bad fall. ••• I had a special treat this week as my friend Ambrose Wilson IV asked me to attend an event at Northside Elementary School. The school board was swearing in Wilson for serving on the Woodford County School Board for the next four years as he was reelected to the board last November. As Scott Hawkins, Woodford County Schools Superintendent, was explaining to the students who attended the ceremony what the school board did, he mentioned that Wilson had served on the board for over 20 years, many of those years as the board chairman. I didn’t realize how long he has served the board. Congratulations on being elected and thank you for serving on the board. I happen to be one of those who think that Woodford County has a pretty good school system. ••• There were lots of football fans watching the National NCAA football championship game last Monday night. That game really gave me a brighter outlook on the University of Kentucky football program. It was only 10 years ago when Kentucky played Clemson and won 28 to 20, and now Clemson is the national champion. So I believe that if Kentucky can keep progressing over the next 10 years, UK can also bring a national football championship to the Wildcat blue state of Kentucky. I may not be around when it happens but I can surely see it in my mind’s eye as I type. ••• The Midway Merchants Association held its first meeting for 2017. Peggy Angel of Steppin’ Out Boutique was elected president, Carol Mitchel, owner of Mezzo Italian Cafe and Provisions, vice president; Mary Thoreson, owner of Damselfly, secretary; and Leslie Penn, owner of Historic Midway Museum Store, was elected treasurer. The Midway Merchants Association meets the first Wednesday of each month at 9 a.m. in the upstairs conference room over the Midway City Hall. ••• Just want to let people know that next Monday, the third Monday in January, is called “Blue Monday” and for some reason it is called that because it has been recognized as the most depressing day of the year. At least we get it over early in the year. The downside is that the whole month hasn’t got that much going for it. January is noted for being the worst month of the year for suicides. There sure is nothing like starting the year off right. ••• This is just a reminder there will be a community Martin Luther King Jr. service on Monday, Jan. 16, from 7 to 8 p.m. The service will be held at the Midway Presbyterian Church at 103 N. Turner Street.

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