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John Holloway, newly appointed director of Walter Bradley Park Board, appeared before the Midway City Council Tuesday night and made a report to the council on the accomplishments of the park board and the volunteers that have worked to make 2016 a banner year for the group. Included in the report were the goals and plans for 2017. ••• 2017 will be another banner year for Midway and a good year for all Midwegians to come to the aid of their city or, in other words, if you want to join in and participate in the activities that are going on around town, be sure to mark your calendar for Monday, Jan. 30. That is the night for the annual chili cook-off that will be held in the fellowship hall at Midway Christian Church at 6:30 p.m. This is the event where members of the community are invited to bring a pot of chili using their own special recipe and compete with other chili-makers of the neighborhood. Prizes will be awarded to the three top entries. The contest is held every year as part of the community dinner for January. A special judging panel will select the winners. If you aren’t so handy in the kitchen, not to worry – there’s a place for people like us, too. We get to try all the chili and see what our own personal favorite is. That’s almost better than winning a prize. Now what does this have to do with coming to the aid of your city? It is after the chili cook-off that the Midway Renaissance holds its annual meeting. This will be time to join this group and discover how you can get in on some of their activities, which range from Midsummer Nights in Midway to projects in the park. Yearly dues are $10. The annual general membership meeting will take place right after the community dinner around 7 p.m. It is then that announcements will be made and vacancies to the board will be voted on. The current Midway Renaissance Board of Directors are, Sara Busick, Milan Hamilton, John Holloway, Jon Maybriar, Leslie Penn, DeeDee Roach, Debra Shockley, Kim Skeeter, Kenny Smith, and Katie Vandegrift. The board officers are: president – vacant; vice-president, Debra Shockley; secretary – DeeDee Roach; and treasurer – Leslie Penn. I want to give a shout-out to outgoing President Jo Blease for her service on the board and hard work on the Midsummer Nights in Midway events this past summer. As always, Midway is so lucky to have people like Jo Blease, John Holloway and many others that care so much about our town. ••• For those of you who mark your calendars early, you might want to note that his year’s 14th annual Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival will be held at Midway University May 20 through May 21 this year. Applications for vendors are now available online at www.franciscosfarm.org.
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