• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Motoring around Versailles in style

JIM SILLS motors around downtown Versailles in his scooter. The “Flagship” scooter can go up to 10 miles per hours, but “I go about 5,” says Sills. He’s been told a single charge will allow him to travel 100 miles, but he has his doubts. (Photo by Bob Vlach)

Whether he’s driving to his bank or a restaurant or Ace Hardware, Jim Sills say he’s found a ride that’s “perfect for me.” His “Flagship” scooter gets him out of the house in style with its front and rear suspension, enclosed canopy, windshield wiper and washer, rearview mirrors and lighting system. It’s only big enough for one person so “if somebody rode with me they’d have to sit in my lap,” says Sills, whose son, Tony, drove to Chicago to pick up the battery-powered scooter. Sills only saw a photo of the Shoprider-manufactured scooter, but remembers telling his son, “Buy it.” “It drives like a wheelchair,” says Sills, who lives on Montgomery Avenue in Versailles. His 92-year-old sister moved in with him, “but she won’t let me drive her car.” And his family didn’t want him driving his car any more after he fell asleep and got into a wreck on Man O’ War Boulevard in Lexington. “My doctor kind of agreed with them,” says Sills, who has diabetes. “I have a sleeping problem,” he adds with a laugh. Sills says he moved from Lexington to Versailles about 18 years ago. He and his wife purchased a home just two doors from the bed and breakfast that their son owned. With a ramp already installed to accommodate his wife’s wheelchair, Sills says, “It was made for her.” He and Bonnie were married for 48-and-a-half years when she died 13 years ago. “I built a little bird feeder,” remembers Sills, “and she’d sit and watch those birds” out her kitchen window. Born and raised in Paducah, Sills moved to Lexington after getting out of the Army in 1946. The World War II veteran says he was fortunate to not get caught up in “the ugly stuff.” “Thirty days after the Japanese surrendered – I landed in Tokyo,” says Sills. He and his twin brother, Bill, will celebrate their 90th birthday with family on Feb. 19.

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