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February 2nd - Public Records

District Court Mary Jane Phelps, judge Week of Jan. 23 Traffic Speeding – Amer Taleb Almassudi, $200; Kiera Tashae Campbell, $198; Asuncion F. Castro, combined with no operator’s/moped license, $263; Martin B. Cordova, combined with operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license, $365; Abigail Lauren Hayden, $143 plus state traffic school; Darinel Lopez-Lopez, combined with no operator’s/moped license, $281; Katy A. Marcum, state traffic school; Michael Shane Miley, combined with failure to wear seatbelt, $223; Christobal Montejo- Gonzalez, combined with no operator’s/moped license and possession of open alcoholic beverage container in a motor vehicle, $316; Pranau N. Tamilselvan, $143 plus state traffic school. Instructional permit violations – Ashlyn Anderson, $193. Failure to wear seat belt – Joseph N. Coomer, $25; Claire G. Hughes, combined with DUI, $543 plus two days with credit; Robert L. Martin, combined with no operator’s license in possession and failure of owner to maintain required insurance, $343; Leandro Vera Martinez, combined with no operator’s/moped license, possession of open alcoholic beverage container in a motor vehicle and failure of owner to maintain required insurance, $803. No/expired registration receipt – Esmerelda None Dela Cruz, $163. Disregard/fail to yield right of way – Sean A. Frederick, combined with operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license, no/expired registration plates and failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance, $918. Improper equipment – Mary E. Hoffman, $143. Operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license – Ronald C. Hooper, $143 plus eight days’ home incarceration. DUI – Paul M. Lear, $753; Joseph C. Mattingly, $743; Daniel Olivera, combined with no operator’s license, $743 plus four days with credit; Juliana Osorio Velez, $743 plus four days’ home incarceration; Jeremiah T. Brown, $843 plus four days with three days credit. No operator’s/moped license – Jose J. Mendoza Ponce, $243; Soledad Garcia Reyes, $243; Milton Zuniga, $243. No insurance – Laura O’ Daniel, $150. Disregarding traffic control device, traffic light – Darius D. Walker, combined with operating on suspended/revoked operator’s license, $193 plus two days with credit. No/expired registration plates – Ashlyn Anderson, combined with failure of owner to maintain required insurance, $668. Misdemeanors Alcohol intoxication in a public place – Daryl J. Greenlee, $200.50, 228 Clifton Road; Ronald Z. Callahan, Lawrenceburg, $200.50. Wanton endangerment (2nd degree) – Ashley H. Strickland, Frankfort, combined with DUI and 3rd degree possession of controlled substance, 90 days, serve 19 with credit and balance probated for two years. Police Reports Versailles police responded to three injury accidents, eight non-injury wrecks, two domestic-related complaints and made five arrests. On Jan. 22 at 2:14 p.m., a Dodge Neon driven by James C. Spicer, 20, of 5405 Troy Pike, was westbound on Pinckard Pike, passing a vehicle in a no-passing zone near a left-hand curve. Evidence and witnesses confirm that Spicer lost control, his vehicle left the right side of the road, Spicer overcorrected and crossed over the center line, where his vehicle struck a Ford Explorer head-on that was driven by Daniel S. McKinney, 34, of Nicholasville. Police say improper passing, not being under proper control and driving too fast for conditions on the part of Spicer caused the wreck. McKinney was taken to St. Joseph Jessamine Hospital. On Jan. 22 at 6:19 p.m., a Toyota Tundra driven by Bradley D. Gibbs, 36, of 128 Highview Drive, was stopped on the U.S. 60 Bypass at a red light at Douglas Avenue facing west while a Ford Escape driven by Belinda Jones, 53, of Lexington, was eastbound. Jones said the light changed from red to green as she was approaching the intersection, so she didn’t stop. Jones’s vehicle struck the right front end of the Tundra as Gibbs turned left in front of her. Gibbs said he thought when the light changed, his turn arrow also changed, but he wasn’t certain. Jones and a passenger, Lane Jones, 14, also of Lexington, were taken to St. Joseph Hospital. Police say inattention on the part of Gibbs was a factor in the crash. On Jan. 23 at 5:35 p.m., emergency crews were called to 106 Spring Run Road after a report of a male lying in the road next to a vehicle. Police say Louie M. Leach Jr., 67, of 102 Spring Run Road, had been driving a Nissan Altima and backed into a Toyota Tacoma driven by Manuel Rodriguez Mondragon, 52, of 157 Spring Run Road. Woodford County EMS and Versailles Fire Department responded to the scene, and neither man was taken to a hospital. On Jan. 19, a doorknob worth $50 was reported vandalized on Montgomery Avenue. On Jan. 26, police made an arrest on Lexington Road involving one driving with one headlight and trafficking in cocaine and hydrocodone. On Jan. 26, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident at an Old Frankfort Pike farm. On Jan. 30, police made an arrest on Kroger Way involving a bench warrant and improper turning. On Jan. 27, fraudulent use of a credit card worth $172 was reported at Kroger. On Jan. 28, $100 worth of hydrocodone was reported stolen from a home on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. On Jan. 28, a mailbox and post at Bluegrass Headstart were reported vandalized, with damage estimated at $100. On Jan. 28, harassing communications were reported at a home on Kingsway Drive. On Jan. 29, police made an arrest on Troy Pike involving no operator’s/moped license, fleeing or evading police and failure of a non-owner to maintain required insurance. On Jan. 28, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident in a Frankfort Street parking lot. On Jan. 27, harassment and physical contact were reported at a Princess Circle home. On Jan. 21, disorderly conduct was reported in a High Street parking lot. On Jan. 25, speeding, DUI and possession of marijuana were reported on Frankfort Road. On Jan. 25, a report was filed involving receiving a stolen Nissan Altima worth $2,000 in a Lexington Road parking lot. On Jan. 25, two forged checks worth $1,457.60 were recovered in a Lexington Road parking lot. On Jan. 22, police made an arrest for DUI on Hunters Ridge Drive. On Jan. 23, terroristic threatening was reported on Gormley Drive. On Jan. 23, two Yankee candles worth $14.82 were reported shoplifted in Kroger. On Jan. 1, a PlayStation 4 and other equipment worth a total of $1,000 were reported stolen from a home on Gleneagles Way. On Jan. 23, a 30-pack of Budweiser worth $22.99 was reported stolen from the Circle K on Yellow Jacket Drive. On Jan. 21, fraudulent use of a credit card was reported in a Lexington Street grocery. On Jan. 21, a Chevrolet truck was reported vandalized on I-64, with an estimate of $300 worth of damage. On Jan. 21, a Stihl chainsaw worth $759.95 was reported stolen from a farm on Pinckard Pike. On Jan. 23, police made an arrest after a flannel shirt worth $29.97 was reported shoplifted from Kroger. Fire Reports City Firefighters performed 28 EMS assists during the past week. A vehicle fire was extinguished on Bell Avenue Jan. 28. A gas leak was investigated on Kroger Way Jan. 30. County Firefighters performed two EMS assists during the past week. An alarm malfunctioned on Berry Avenue Jan. 24. A vehicle fire was extinguished on Lexington Road Jan. 26. Firefighters responded to vehicle accidents on Midway Road Jan. 27 and on Lillards Ferry Road Jan. 29. An alarm malfunctioned on McCracken Pike Jan. 30. Public Records SUITS Petition for the dissolution of marriage – Mary Ellen Trail and Lee Tracy Trail. Debbie L. Golzer vs. Luis Carlos Guadiana Barraza for support of minor child. Gateway Financial Solutions vs. Mark Tipton for $6,662.03 plus interest and costs claimed due on a debt. Friendly Finance Corporation vs. Crystal A. Grice, et al., for $9,712.44 plus interest, attorney fees, creditor fees and costs claimed due on a debt. William Ray Watkins vs. Rosie L. Stucy for $12,984.26 plus interest, costs and attorney fee claimed due on a debt. Pennymac Loan Services vs. Kenton G. Downey, et al., for $142,649.27 plus interest, court costs, advances and other charges claimed due on a debt. Finance of America Reverse, LLC, vs. Sue L. Redmon, et al., for $86,723.05 plus advances, mortgage insurance premiums and other costs claimed due on a debt. Sarah N. Coler vs. Coty A. Hook for support for minor child. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, vs. Justin S. Odom for $5,475.52 plus court costs claimed due on a debt. DEEDS Christine Jo Wright, as trustee of the Max Wright and Betty L. Wright joint living trust, to Christine Jo Wright, as trustee of the Wright family trust, 206 Doncaster Road, $1 and other consideration. Haven Andrews and Steven P. Andrews to Sallie Day and John E. Day, 321 South Gratz Street, Midway, $140,000. Chester Lay to 345 North Winter, LLC, (Thomas J. B. Reed and Carolyn Reed, members), 345 North Winter Street, Midway, $36,000. Clint Berry and Brooke Berry to Edward Noble Humston III and Allison Kaye Humston, 2012 Rose Bay Road, $328,000. Jennifer F. Groon and J. D. Groon to Jason Burgess, 1430 Delaney Ferry Road, $225,000. Woodford County Economic Development Authority to Epiphany Foam Insulation Building, LLC, (Jim DeBold, member), 721 McKinney Avenue, $35,000. Joshua Johnson and Madelynn Johnson to Hadwin H. Brown and Sarah P. Brown, 25.524 acres on Troy Pike, $150,591.60. Sarah Morgan Nims and Cameron H. Nims, as co-trustees of the Rufus Nims living trust, to Sarah Morgan Nims, an undivided 50 percent interest in 1233 Cummins Ferry Road, $1. Cameron H. Nims to Sarah Morgan Nims, 1233 Cummins Ferry Road, quitclaim deed. Mark H. Schofield to Nicholas A. Bentley, .164-acre land parcel on North Winter Street, Midway, $11,500. Joan E. Schilke to Mark Schklar and Linda Schklar, 6700 McCowans Ferry Road, $790,000. Mark E. Gormley and JoAnn Gormley to Veronica Ochoa and Estella Ochoa Arreloa, 160 Macey Avenue, $50,000. Donna Joy Dodd and Donna S. Dodd to Donna S. Dodd, as trustee of the Donna S. Dodd living trust, 6955 McCracken Pike, $1. Bugle Hill Farm, LLC, (Marilyn Joy Pollitt, member), to Commonwealth Property Group, LLC, (Frank Haydon, member), 1740 Grassy Springs Road, $2,100,000. K & J Frye Properties, LLC, (Kim Frye and Jeff Frye, members), to Preston A. Thompson, 201 Hunter Court, $145,000. Yvonne Gumm to Robert Scott Gumm, 105 Dale Avenue, other consideration. Carol Simon Crews to Book Properties, LLC, (Donna T. Book, member), 129 Highview Drive, $25,000. Jeffrey L. Cook and Cheryl D. Cook to Don Fields and Angeletta A. Fields, 104 Coach Station, Midway, $150,000. Gregory S. French and Deborah A. French to John Leo Twehues Jr. and Stephanie Twehues, 2510 Scotts Ferry Road, $475,000. Eric Reed and Laverne K. Reed to Sandy K. Bueno and Brendon D. Bueno, 514 Sheffield Drive, $175,000.

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