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The biggest event in Midway for the week took place Monday night at the community dinner held in Midway Christian Church’s fellowship hall. January is the month when the church’s chili cook-off is the theme of the dinner. I have been at every dinner since serving as a judge at the inaugural event. Monday night’s dinner was the biggest ever as people filled the fellowship hall, sampling the 19 entries brought in by local chili-makers. The different chili ranged from vegetarian, rabbit, beef, sweet potatoes, and buffalo, just to name a few of the ingredients that made up some of these concoctions. No matter how they like their chili, I am sure that those in attendance found at least one sample there to please their taste buds. The guys who were really on the firing line were Midway University Athletic Director Rusty Kennedy, Midway Mayor Grayson Vandergrift, and Midway Councilman Bruce Southworth. Each judge sampled the entries from a small cup that was numbered so they didn’t know who made that particular chili when they selected their favorites. Chris Michel took third place, Will Schein captured second place, and Cynthia Campbell took the top prize. Attendees got to hear a story about Chris Michel and his third-place recipe. According to Ouita Michel, Holly Hill Inn owner, chef, and wife of Chris Michel, “Chris has spent years making gourmet chili recipes and never wins this thing. He went online and got the recipe for Hormel chili and made a Hormel chili recipe for tonight.” That just shows that it ain’t always the fanciest or the most expensive that takes the big prizes. It’s all about what you read on the Internet and how you apply it. ••• Last week, there was an article in The Sun about future plans for the Walter Bradley Memorial Park and in that article there was a mention about a gravesite where some Confederate soldiers were laid to rest. It is true that M. Jackson, J. Jackson, G. Rissinger and N. Adams, all Confederate soldiers, were shot close to the rock quarry in at the park. It is also been reported that they were buried in a shallow trench right where they fell. After about three days in their shallow graves, the pigs (real pigs not police officers) began rooting around the gravesite so a few of the townspeople gathered up the bodies and reburied the soldiers at a graveyard that was located behind the Midway Presbyterian church. When the present day Midway Cemetery was established, the soldiers and others who were at the old Presbyterian Church Cemetery were moved to the new cemetery. It was at the new cemetery that their graves were marked with a tall marble memorial bearing their names and the Inscription “Shot by order of General Burbridge, Nov.5, 1864.” Martial law was declared by President Abraham Lincoln and General Burnside was put in charge of keeping order in Kentucky. Burbridge issued Order No. 59 which declared: “Whenever an unarmed Union citizen is murdered, four guerrillas will be selected from the prison and publicly shot to death at the most convenient place near the scene of the outrages. Midway farm owner Adam Harper was killed by a band of southern guerrilla soldiers. Harper lived just outside of Midway. Per the order, Union soldiers went to Lexington and picked out four unfortunate prisoners of war and brought them back to Midway and shot them. The grave marker can easily be seen today at the Midway Cemetery. Civil War buffs often come to Midway to visit the site. ••• Midway Renaissance met Monday night after the chili cook-off for its annual membership meeting. Joy Arnold and Peter Fisher were added to the Midway Renaissance board. The 2017 board will select new officers at its next executive meeting.

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