• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Here's Johnny - Brady Bunch does it again

What happened Sunday night was the worst Yankee-inflicted wound to Atlanta since Sherman burned the town down. Back in 1864, Union General William T. Sherman relied on his ground forces, mostly because airplanes hadn’t been invented yet, but also because hot air balloons were easy targets. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did his damage by air, mostly because his Patriots were down by three touchdowns, but also because he may be the best quarterback ever. Yes, I’m aware the Dimpled One grew up in California, but he went to college at the University of Michigan, and has been thrilling Yankees with his exploits since 2001. You’d think a 39-year-old QB’s arm might fall off well before he threw his 62nd pass in a single game, but Tom Brady has his own fitness and diet regimen and may still be playing when my arthritic fingers can no longer type. (’Course, not playing the first four games of 2016 for reasons I won’t mention saved a bit of wear-and-tear on Mr. Brady, too. Heh heh heh.) Long ago, a lovely lass from Old England told me her favorite football team was New England, partly because she thought Tom Brady was fab. Her celebrity crush was yet another reason for me to despise and envy the handsome millionaire, but I’m not that type. Well, I am, a little. Anyway, I was rooting for the Falcons, but … Good googly moogly, what a game. It’s been a rough few weeks. Americans needed a game like this to get their minds off, you know, some of the things that a friend of Brady’s keeps doing and saying. Sorry about the headline for this piece, by the way – “Brady Bunch” has been done to death, but I was up late watching a ballgame the night before this was written. Speaking of Brady Bunches, you can find pictures of memorabilia from the TV show taken by yours truly in the autobiography of Barry Williams, who played Greg, not Tom, Brady. The book is called “Growing up Brady: I Was A Teenage Greg.” It’s not a bad read, but the pictures of Brady memorabilia are the best part, and I’ll be happy to autograph your copy. Cal’s Cats can’t And now for something completely different: Says here UK’s latest crop of one-and-dones will be done well before the final gun. John Calipari’s having a devil of a time with this year’s Wildcats. As fast as they are, they often get beat down the court. As athletic as they are, they often get out-rebounded. And as relatively experienced as they are – two seniors, both Kentucky-born, actually play! – they often forget to pass the ball. In his seven-and-a-half seasons at the helm of the Good Ship Wildcat, Calipari has had six good-to-great teams, one pretty awful squad – and this year’s curious team. He’s spoiled us, darn him. It’s possible that at least one of his fabulous freshmen – the prime suspect, a monkish lad, won’t be mentioned here – already has NBA fever. Even if that’s so, though, what’s surprising is that more of Cal’s Cats haven’t come down with that disease since he arrived at UK in 2009. I mean, imagine knowing that within a few months, you’ll sign a contract for millions of dollars to play a game you love. It would be tempting to play for yourself, not your team; to run up huge scoring stats and not worry so much about less-fun tasks like playing defense or sharing the ball. The world will not end when the 2016-2017 Wildcats lose in the NCAA Tournament, as they likely will the first time they play a talented, experienced, hustling squad with a good zone defense. Hey, just ask Falcons fans.

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