• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

County to crack down on ATV trespassers

Sheriff Wayne Wright told Woodford Fiscal Court Tuesday that ATV riders have been using the county property at Huntertown Community East. Wright said the problem was noticed during a missing persons search a couple of weeks before. "We noticed ... that that area has been converted into an ATV (all terrain vehicle) trail ride. They cut trees down and someone even put up a tent, made a campsite in there," Wright said. The county purchased the land, which was once the site of homes of freed slaves, several years ago. Magistrate Mary Ann Gill (Dist. 7), in whose district the land is located, said there are wetlands there and several protected species. The court voted unanimously to have County Road Engineer Buan Smith replace faded "no trespassing" signs, and Wright said he'd increase patrols on weekends and may add hidden cameras. Wright said first-time offenders will be warned and cited for trespassing for repeat offenses. Griers Creek Bridge Smith told the court the Griers Creek Bridge, closed late last year after a state inspection, passed a new inspection on Friday, Feb. 10. It was reopened that afternoon with a three-ton limit, which had been the case for the previous year. That limit prohibits school buses and most other heavy vehicles from using it. Smith said he hopes to replace the bridge later this year. Software for snow clean-up The court unanimously approved a professional service agreement with the Bluegrass Area Development District (BGADD) to pay $12,255 for software and hardware to track county snowplows during bad weather. The agreement runs through the end of 2018. Smith said he'll still need to communicate with his crews by radio. Courthouse Annex refinancing The court voted 6 to 2 to allow the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) to explore refinancing the $3.29 million in bonds issued for the Courthouse Annex in 2007. Magistrates Duncan Gardiner (Dist. 6) and Gill voted no. The bonds are set to mature in 2029 and are within the call window for refinancing, according to County Treasurer Sabra Garmon. Keith Brock of Compass Municipal Advisors said the county will have an opportunity to save money by refinancing the bonds. Grant Satterly, KACo Director of Financial Services, said if they can find a lower interest rate, they'll return to the court for approval. Asked if he was confident they'll find a better deal, Satterly joked, "Barring international incidents that destroy things - that can happen." Charitable signs The court unanimously approved an ordinance amending the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Zoning Ordinance dealing with banners. Banners for charitable events will now be allowed on poles and fences. Mutual EMS agreement The court voted unanimously to sign a mutual aid agreement with the Georgetown-Scott County Emergency Medical Services agency. The departments will not be required to reimburse the other for assistance, and the agreement can be canceled by mutual agreement or 30 days' notice by one of the parties. New county roads The court voted unanimously to incorporate 1.316 miles of roads in the Gleneagles subdivision into the county road system. Portions of Gleneagles Way, Lucas Lane and Shepherds Trace will now be maintained by the county. Jack Jouett volunteers Jack Jouett House Executive Director Jill Roseberry gave the court site data for last year. She said 2,052 people visited the site from 61 cities, 21 states and five foreign countries. The total was down from the year before due to the fact there was no Revolutionary Kids Day last year. She said Revolutionary Kids Day will return this year and be held on an every-other-year basis. Roseberry also said volunteers contributed 1,703 hours of work, for a total value of more than $36,000. Parks Foundation meets The Woodford Parks Foundation met for the first time in more than a year on Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 8 a.m. in the fiscal courtroom, after The Sun's deadline. At issue was whether the foundation will vote to pay for some or all of the new $178,000 air conditioning system needed at the Falling Springs Arts and Recreation Center. The Sun will have the story on our website and in our Feb. 23 issue.

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