• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

New road, new sign at old Versailles Center

SIGN OF THE TIMES: This new sign at the front of the old Versailles Center shows how the Versailles Land Group has divided the lots of the property, for which they paid $1.08 million. (Photo by John McGary)

One of two access roads between the old Versailles Center and the Kroger shopping center is now open and a new sign at the front of the shopping center shows how the seven lots there will be divided. Meanwhile, work on the Holiday Inn Express and Suites that will be the centerpiece of the development should begin in May, said Don Howard of H & W Management, the company that helped lure the hotel to Versailles. Howard said the four-story, 82-room hotel should open in March of next year, and will feature an indoor pool, exercise room, small conference room and breakfast area for guests. "We've just kind of been in a holding period, waiting on the developer to get their infrastructure worked on and get their approval from the city, and they just got that in the last couple of days, so now they can subdivide the property. So we should get a legal description and a plat soon, which will allow us to get our title work and move toward a closing," Howard said. "We're excited about it. We're looking forward to getting started. Our plans are on all the services now and we're pulling our contractors together and getting our numbers finalized and ... we're looking forward to a May start," Howard said. Last November, Versailles Land Group, which owns the land, reached a deal with McDonald's and Joe Graviss to allow other restaurants there. The access road, as yet unnamed, is at the back of the property and is an extension of Commerce Drive, connecting Crossfield Drive and the Kroger shopping center. It was opened for traffic full-time two weeks ago, according to Versailles Public Works Director Bart Miller. A new sign at the front of the shopping center, which has yet to receive a new name, shows how the lots will be divided. Mashni said the access road at the front of the shopping center should be open sometime next month. "We've got some lots that are going to be available for sale, for lease in the next couple of upcoming months, and we're in negotiations with a couple of tenants. Right now, we're just keeping a tight lid on it until ... we get some firm commitments," Mashni said. Mashni confirmed that two of those businesses are the local restaurant Napa Prime and the national sub shop chain Jimmy John's. Mashni said the earth turned on the back of the property is for new infrastructure. "We're putting in all the new underground electric and plumbing for the whole development, the electricity for the lights - all the bare bones for the development are going in," Mashni said. Mashni said if all goes well, new businesses could be operating there by late summer or fall. "Things are just moving in the right direction. We've received all the approvals. The hotel's probably going to be the first one to start, and they're anxiously awaiting to get going," Mashni said. "The city of Versailles has been great to work with, and we look forward to making it a destination property for you guys."

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