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Can you believe this weather? I couldn't either but when I checked out what the weather was this time last year, I discovered, much to my amazement, that the temperatures in the fourth week of February last year weren't all that much different from this year. The main difference was that we had nine days of snow and seven days of rain last year and in March of last year there were only two days of snow and 13 days of rain. You may be asking yourself what all this means. I would have to answer, "I don't really know." But I have a feeling that we have seen the worst of this winter. Another thing I noticed was that Midwegian Willy, Midway's weather groundhog, was out playing all day Monday and Tuesday. I don't believe I saw him at all last year. Another thing I didn't see last year were all the patio tables and chairs set out and the patio packed at the Grey Goose this time last February. You can bet I'm gonna work on my tan this week. Now where did I put my #50 tanning lotion? ... Who let the dogs out? No, I'm not talking about the McDaniel brothers' puppies that are now over a year old and recently made their second venture down Winter Street. Actually, they let themselves out through the back door of the house. I'm talking about the D.O.G.S. "Dads of Great Students, a three-year-old program at Northside Elementary that gets dads of Northside students involved in student activities, and they will be out in the Northside Elementary gym playing basketball this Thursday evening. They will be playing members of the Versailles Police Department in a charity basketball game. This family event will be taking place from 6 to 7 p.m. Tickets will be $3 for adults and $1 for students. The money raised will go to the guidance counseling office and maintaining the D.O.G.S. program at Northside School. I sure you, if you had the urge, they would accept donations if a person was so inclined to lend an extra hand to these programs. I watched the Versailles Police Department team play in a similar game a few years back. They were nothing to sneeze at, as they ran the floor pretty darn good. Come on out, win some prizes, try the refreshments, and maybe be able to participate in the half-time activities. This should be fun. See ya there. ... Now that I am talking about Northside Elementary School, they will be celebrating their very first March Madness-themed student attendance competition. The teams are made up of each grade level at each school, including Safe Harbor Academy. These teams will compete against each other every week for the next five weeks according to this bracket. The winning team will receive a flag to hang proudly in their school. Individual prizes will be given as well for perfect attendance throughout the competition. Students can help their team win by being in school every day. The competition begins on Feb. 27 and runs through March 31. ... The community is invited to the next free community dinner on Monday, Feb. 27, at 6:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. All are welcome. ... Thursday, March 2, at 6 p.m. might be a date to put on your calendar if you are interested in in the 2017 Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer society. The event kick-off will be held at the Equus Run Vineyards located at 128 Moores Mill Road, just a couple of miles from Midway. All community members are welcome and are asked to spread the word.

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