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Letter to the editor

Act now Editor, The Sun: On Feb. 22, the Trump administration rescinded the Obama administration's guidance on bathroom access, among other protections for transgender students. In light of this threat to the rights of such a vulnerable population, it is critical that Woodford County Public Schools act now to protect transgender students. Drafting official policy to ensure protections for transgender and gender-nonconforming students is a critical step toward preventing discrimination, affirming transgender students' identities, and educating students of all gender identities and expressions. Inclusion of LGBTQ people literally saves lives: just look at a recent study showing a drop in teen suicide attempts after same-sex marriage was legalized. I am a queer graduate of Woodford County High School, class of 2009, and I did not come out until college - in part due to the lack of acceptance of LGBTQ identities in our school system. In addition to bathroom access, the Woodford County Public Schools need to commit to using transgender students' chosen name and pronouns, training faculty and staff in LGBTQ-inclusive language, and representing LGBTQ people in curriculum. To paraphrase Laverne Cox: This is not just about bathrooms. It's about the right to exist in public space. Lila Leatherman Corvallis, Ore.

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