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March Madness has begun and conference tournaments are being played all over the country. Every year, some Midwegians recall a big event in Midway history that took place in 1937. That was the year that the Midway High School basketball team defeated Inez High School 30 to 22 to win the Kentucky High School State Basketball Championship. All of the players who played on that team have since passed away. However, family members are still living in Midway. A couple of weeks ago, the Woodford County High School basketball team wore reproductions of the Bluejay uniforms in memory of the 1937 Midway team. I said reproductions, but there was one noticeable difference: the shorts are a lot longer than the ones in 1937. The uniform shorts in those days were just a smidgen longer than today's tighty-whitey undershorts. They also had belts with a buckle to keep them up. Anyway, the Woodford High team will wear these uniforms at a home game each year to keep the memory of the 1937 team alive. The uniforms were donated by former Midway Mayor Tom Bozarth. Go Bluejays! ... Every once in a while, I make my way to an event taking place at Northside Elementary and I get to roaming up and down the hallways of the school and I can't help but think how lucky Northside students are. It's fun to see the classes coming out of their rooms and heading toward the gym. The students forming up into columns that would make a military unit blush. The students are almost always smiling and amazingly the teachers have a big smile on their faces. When I was in school at Midway Elementary, I don't think that teachers were allowed to smile during school hours as they were always so darn serious.

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