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Neighbors in action Editor, The Sun: Woodford County is a wonderful example of Small Town, USA, a place where neighbors help neighbors and people look out for each other. With the current political climate, people are looking for ways to make sense of the turmoil in our country and wondering if their voice can be heard. Can one person make a difference? One person here in Versailles had an idea that others might be feeling the same, so she reached out to her neighbors. They decided to meet at a local coffee shop and communicated through social media. Seven people showed up to talk about how they could make a difference. They decided to call their group "The Neighborly Alliance." They discussed their hopes and fears and ways to impact change with local, state and national leaders. To accomplish this, they began sharing information and educating themselves on the issues and bills that were being introduced in our state legislature and in Washington, D.C. They had another meeting where more concerned citizens showed up and now, with 150 members, "The Neighborly Alliance" has outgrown the local coffee shop. Now we are inviting you, our neighbors, to come join us. Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary. Check out our website at betterbluegrass.org to join our group or contact us at: Neighborlyallianceky@gmail.com. We look forward to meeting you. Nancy Fouser Susan Goddard Nancy Maranville Randy Wheeler Kathy Wheeler Versailles

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