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With all the severe thunder storms that passed through town this week, we did find out that the warning siren works. The Midway community dinner, which takes place on the last Monday of each month at the Midway Christian Church, was interrupted by the tornado sirens just as dessert was being served. Everyone attending the dinner had to make their way for the church basement. None of the dessert was wasted, as everyone headed back to the dinner as soon as the all-clear call went out. ... For those of you who sent me a text asking if I still do the Midway column, the answer is yes. It seems that a regular Woodford Sun employee was mistakenly given his by-line on my last column. I want to thank all 10 of those who take the time to read my Midway article and inquired about what was going on. (Editor's note: In our defense, the Johns McDaniel and McGary are so much alike, it's difficult to tell them apart. In any case, we apologize to Mr. McDaniel and Mr. McGary for the mix-up.) While I'm clearing up credits, there was a picture published in The Sun (on the Midway page) the first of the month of the participants of the D.O.G.S versus the Versailles Police Department fundraiser at Northside Elementary School. The photo was credited to me instead of listed as being submitted. The photographer was Sarah Wilson, who takes a lot of fantastic pictures of all the good stuff that goes on at Northside Elementary. ... Runners for the 14th annual Race for Education 5K/10K will be filling the streets of downtown Midway Saturday, April 8. Serious runners and weekend joggers are invited to enter. This is a race where more than 100 awards are handed out to the 300 to 500 participants. There are many divisions and prizes, including wheelchair and stroller. If you just want to walk, you can do that, too. Onlookers, volunteers and participants are encouraged to hang around after the race and enjoy live Bluegrass music from Dan Hill and Friends and breakfast provided by Graviss McDonald's Restaurants. Sounds like another fun day in Midway to me. ... Remember a few years back when the Railroad Street area (Main Street) was torn up? There were no sidewalks, telephone poles were being removed, and giant craters were actually in the middle of the streets. Downtown Midway was a mess. Fortunately, Midway had a Main Street manager named Rebecca Hall and she took the lemony dusty streets of downtown and turn them to lemonade. She actually gave people a reason to visit downtown, even though shoppers had to walk on gravel pathways and enter the stores by walking across wooden planks. Well, she didn't turn water to wine, but she did encourage all the store owners to decorate sawhorses to look like horses and tag each one with a unique name and display their works of art outside the stores. Some of the horses were even on a couple of TV shows and on newscasts. People came from all around just to see Midway's sawhorses. They were quite a draw and really did help downtown businesses survive the streetscape mess. You might be asking why I mention all this. I have a whole new sawhorse event to tell you about next week. ... Just a reminder that Friends of Walter Bradley Park have announced they will be having their tree-planting date April 22 from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m. That means the tree planting will now be on Earth Day. On Earth Day, in addition to trees, they will plant 125 native shrubs like witch hazel and serviceberry and 125 pink dogwood trees. The holes will already be prepared the day before, so all volunteers will have to do on Saturday is to plant the shrubs themselves. A number of trained volunteers will be on hand to show you how to go about it. You may have noticed that the paddock area of the park has taken on a new look, which some folks have described as "golf course." That's because "Friends" have been preparing the area for the new plants, and the beds do indeed have organic shapes you may associate with golf course putting greens. By the end of the summer, the soil will be hard at work establishing new crops of native grasses, as well as all the shrubs and trees planted on Earth Day. We are looking forward to seeing the paddock as a more three-dimensional space with leafy trees and colorful grasses and flowers. So be sure and bring some gloves and a gardening trowel if you have them and come to the paddock area of the park at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 22. Who knows? You might even have some fun and even get your picture in the paper.

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