• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Cousins inspire others with their colorful works of art

INSPIRE WORKS OF ART has given cousins Lillie Cowing, left, and Addison Moore an opportunity to express their creativity. The $50 generated from the sales of their artwork was recently donated to the Woodford Humane Society. (Photo by Bob Vlach)

With the leftover jars of paint from her 9th birthday party, Addison Moore, of Versailles, and her 8-year-old cousin, Lilly Cowing, started painting. They painted rocks. They painted pictures. They painted inspirational words. And when Lilly suggested they start their own business, Addison told her, "That's a great idea." Created with leftover canvases, paintbrushes and paints from Addison's birthday party, "Inspire Works of Art" was an opportunity for these cousins (and best friends) to empower themselves while also inspiring other young girls "to do what they think they can't do," says Addison. She and Lilly took what they created using leftover paint supplies and went door-to-door selling "Inspire Works of Art" in their Versailles and Lexington neighborhoods. The $50 generated from the sales of their artwork was recently donated to the Woodford Humane Society. "They have giving hearts - both of them," says Lilly's mom, Marcie Cowing. Addison's dad, Marc Moore, thanked those who purchased the artwork for their generosity in a letter to the Woodford Humane Society, before adding, "We can all give back no matter what age or situation in life, it just takes an idea and passion to do it." His daughter may no longer want to become a veterinarian, but she says it was an easy decision to donate to the Woodford Humane Society "because we get to hang out with animals," before adding in her quiet voice, "it might give me a chance to get a dog" of my own. Asked why she loves animals so much, Addison quickly responds: "They're these creatures that are furry and fun. And if you have nothing to do - you just go play with them. You always have something to do." Lilly knows all about a dog's unconditional love. Her pet, a terrier-mix named Buddy, "loves to cuddle," she says. And when they go outside together, "He'll fetch a ball and bring it back to me. Catch a Frisbee, any type of ball."

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