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An Easter sunrise service will take place this Sunday, April 16, at 7 a.m. at Walter Bradley Park. If it rains, the services will be held at the Presbyterian Church. A collection plate will be passed and the money collected will be added to the Midway Ministerial Association's Emergency Assistance Fund. Immediately following the service, the Historic Second Christian Church will host a breakfast. Breakfast should begin around 8:30 a.m. ... If you haven't been downtown to see the sawhorses set up in front of the downtown businesses for the 2017 Midway Saw Horse Derby, you might want to go and take a look. I'm sure the children in your family will enjoy these strange looking horses. Be sure to check out number sawhorse number 19. He's a little different from the rest, as he is in the "witness protection program." ... With all the storms we have had lately, it's been pretty scary and it's really been hard on the dogs. When the storms started coming in, there were occasions when the warning sirens go off in Midway and throughout the county. There have been quite a few people asking just what do the sirens mean. If a siren goes off in Midway on a continuous basis, it means that a serious storm or possible tornado activity is coming or already has made its way to town. The siren indicates that a funnel cloud has been sighted, either visually or by radar, in Woodford County. When one siren in the county sounds, it is followed by all the sirens. This warning system is set up to give people time to seek shelter. Heather McColl, pastor at Midway Christian Church, has reminded me that Midway has an official shelter and it is located at the Midway Christian church. The church is located at 123 East Bruen Street at Gratz Street. The entry to the shelter area of the church is located on the Gratz Street side of the church. If you hear a siren and the sun is out, remember the sirens are tested on the first Wednesday of every month at 11 a.m. ... One interesting thing about all the storms that we've been experiencing is the rainbows that appear afterwards. Another sight to see at night this week is the full moon that is getting a lot of people's attention. It is the first full moon of spring, often called the "Pink Moon." It goes by other names, too - the Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon or Easter Moon. The color of this moon isn't really pink but is named after pink wild flowers called wild ground phlox, which bloom in early spring and become widespread throughout the U.S. around this time of year, according to Space.com. Full moon names originated from different Native American tribes, which used the moon to mark the end and beginning of seasons. ... Did you ever wonder where the big red caboose that you see behind United Bank came from? I know part of the history, but I never knew how it made its way into Midway. According to some paperwork that I have received lately, the caboose was brought to Midway in 1984. The Midway Village Guild put in a bid of $600 in hopes of getting a passenger coach. The guild wanted the railroad car in an effort to display it as a symbol of Midway's railroad heritage and to also be used as a reception and information center somewhere on Railroad Street. (Again, for those that may not know, Midway has never officially had a Main Street. What we call Main Street has never been changed, renamed by the city council, from Railroad Street). I will continue to dig up some more information and try to put together a complete history of our little red downtown caboose. ... I received an e-mail the other day asking me what ever happened to my Irish grandmother. I replied that it took me longer to come up with something for my Irish grandmother than it did to write my whole column. I told her I was going to let my grandmother rest awhile until I could come up with some more Irish stuff. Have a great Easter and may the Easter Bunny bring you a big basket of chocolate eggs.

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