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It is the season for all the high school students to dress up, rent out the limousines, buy the corsages . oh wait a minute, maybe the male students should have asked the female students first and secure a date before lining up the above items. Date or not, the season is here and downtown Midway is again, as in many years past, the place to take your prom date. Lots of dressed up students have been walking up and down the street of downtown as the restaurants set places for dinner for the new arrivals. Of course, there were lots of pretty prom dresses, most of which will probably be available on the Facebook yard sales pages in the next couple of months. Some were probably bought this year from the Facebook sites. The tuxedos were sharp looking and came in many varieties and colors. There were guys who gathered in bunches while their dates walked briskly behind, trying to keep up. Some guys opened doors for their dates to go into the restaurant and others let their dates get in the best way they could. Then there were the guys who knew exactly what being a gentleman was all about, opening doors, standing up when the dates had to leave the table and go to the powder room. So we can say that chivalry is not dead. The "Most Original Prom Ride Award" goes to Noah Jones and he is a Midwegian (of course). Instead of the run-of-the-mill limo, he sported his prom date about in a shining 1956 Chevy Bel Air. He even had a driver in the form of his dad/chauffeur, Blake Jones. ... Downtown at 4 p.m. this Saturday, the winner of the Midway Merchant's Sawhorse Derby will be announced. So if you haven't visited the downtown stores and voted for your favorite sawhorse, you better trot on down and vote. ... The Northside Elementary PTO will have a fundraiser this Thursday, April 27, from 3 to 5 p.m. The Tile Mural Project will take place in the school cafeteria. The project is a spring fundraiser for Northside. As part of the 25th anniversary celebration, the PTO decided to create a mural wall-hanging that will be installed in the school later this spring. For $25, anyone can purchase a tile to decorate with permanent ink that will be added to the mural. So any alumni who want to leave their mark at Northside, or any current students want to add their story to Northside's legacy, this is your chance. ... The Midway Renaissance Midsummer Nights in Midway Committee met this week to discuss bringing some music to Midway this year. Contracts haven't been signed with the bands yet. As it stands now, June 23, July 28, and Aug. 25 will be music nights in Midway, more on this later. ... I am sorry to report that Midwegian and former Midway Council Member Betty Bright passed away this week at the Homeplace at Midway Nursing Care Community. She was an aunt to former Midway Mayor Tom Bozarth. Betty was a Midwegian through-and-through and a good buddy of mine. Fortunately, Homeplace was finished and she was able to return to the town she loved and a town she helped make better both as a citizen and as a council member. As neighbors, we were able to share a lot of Midway stories and had a lot of Midway laughs. When she came back to Midway at Homeplace, she was in the same building as my daughter, so I was able to run in and visit her when I dropped in to see my daughter. She was one of my top advisors during my run for city council. I am going to miss her.

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