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Art in The Park: Artist Spotlight

For most of her life, Laury Gardiner, has been interested in arts and crafts of all sorts. It was not until approximately 11 years ago that she began to experiment with watercolor painting. Laury has become so fascinated with watercolor that it is now the only medium she focuses on. In order to improve her watercolor skills, Laury has attended workshops both locally and in several other states. Her paintings show a love for landscape and architecture. She enjoys painting wet into wet, creating a beautiful blending effect. A number of her paintings are her interpretation of her late father's photography, and other forms of inspiration have come from the family's many travels around the world. Living in Versailles for 24 years now with her husband and two children, she has painted several local areas of interest such as Old Taylor Distillery, The Castle, and The Woodford Inn. Quite a few of her works can be found at Addie's, and are for sale at The 5 Seasons in downtown Versailles. Laury also paints on commission and has a Facebook page for her paintings. Laury Gardiner Watercolor Art will be at Art in The Park on May 26 and 27.

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