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Ethan Gilbert, 18, a senior at Woodford County High School, passed away Friday, April 28, 2017. His life will be celebrated at St. Leo's Catholic Church in Versailles on May 4, 2017, at 4 p.m. Ethan was born in Lexington to Angela D. Wiese and Troy A. Gilbert, both of Versailles, on October 10, 1998. Ethan is survived by a large extended group of family and friends who will forever hear his voice of enthusiasm whenever the Pittsburgh Steelers play. There are football fans and then there was Ethan. Although no one knows why he picked this team, once he did he was consumed. He knew every stat for every player, he could argue team attributes for hours and his running commentary could be heard over the broadcast from the beginning of a game to the end. Ethan's maternal grandparents, Paul (deceased) and Paula Wiese, of Lexington, and his paternal grandparents, Robert and Debbie Gilbert of Frankfort, will long remember an exuberant child who lived the day full-out. Ethan's bright smile and vibrant, dark eyes sparked camaraderie and a wide-open mischievousness in cousins and friends. Ethan and cousin Sara were dubbed Rugrats, Phil and Lil of the family day care with their non-stop joyous activity. Family trips to the beach and fishing trips of any and all varieties were Ethan's favorite activities. A water baby from the beginning, Ethan became an expert sailor sharing a love of sailing with his father in the Caribbean Islands and honed his boating skills off Florida and at Cumberland Lake. Ethan never left the beach without a souvenir, either a shark in a bottle, starfish or sea horse. Always the littlest fisherman, he is credited with consistently catching the biggest fish. A loving brother to Mason (deceased) and younger sister, Erin Paige Myers, she remembers that a trip to Bass Pro Shop for Ethan was like any other kid going to the candy store. Erin also claims, with pride, that Ethan could hold his breath underwater longer than anyone. In middle school friends and family watched Ethan mature into a quiet and introverted teenager who found his passion when he transitioned from wrestling to lacrosse. Friends and teammates from both sports remember his easy smile and the fun he brought to practice. In Lacrosse, coaches and teammates watched his tenacity for the sport bring out an intensity, and both leadership and recruiting skills. To Ethan every friend was a potential teammate. As a champion of the sport, Ethan touched players all over Kentucky with his commitment and finely tuned skills scoring from the attack position. Family, friends and the community celebrated Ethan with a special tribute and fundraiser at the Lacrosse game held on Monday, May 1, when senior players were honored. Ethan's entire family grieve a life too short and remind us to cherish our loved ones for as long as we have them. Come football season, Ethan would take great joy if we can all remember to raise a cheer in his honor, "Go Steelers!" Casket bearers will be Todd Wiese, Brent Gilbert, Daniel Wiese, James Wiese, Grant Wiese, and Wade Gilbert. Honorary bearers will be Woodford County High School Lacrosse Team. (Paid obituary)

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