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Celebrate all Editor, The Sun: I will never forget the words of my mother - "It's just a phase" - about my sister when she came out to her as lesbian. Thirty or so years later, my sister is still gay and my mother never stopped loving her. I attended GLOW: A Coffee House with Student Readings Performances and Arts, on Friday evening, March 28, at Versailles Presbyterian Church. This was an opportunity for the Woodford County High School's Gay-Straight Alliance to celebrate difference and to celebrate commonality. There was song, spoken word, and story-telling. I was so very impressed with the creativity, talent and bravery of these students to get up in front of an audience full of both friends and strangers; to reveal themselves, their perspectives, their hopes and fears. I am humbled by the willingness of the members of the Gay-Straight Alliance to challenge themselves and their community to see the truth of all of us - a desire to be loved and accepted for who we are; to be seen in our authenticity; and to thrive within this freedom to live up to our full potential. These young people and all of the young people growing up in Woodford County are our future, regardless of their sexual orientation or their orientation to the world, whether they remain here in a place they call home or whether they chase their dreams elsewhere. It is in their best interests that we foster their growth in a community that celebrates their uniqueness, supports their aspirations, and completes their journey every day with unconditional and persistent love. I encourage all of us to take a lesson from the young people in our community - see each other, care about who we are, reflect on the uniqueness of experience, imagine the hopes and fears that may not be ours but may certainly belong to someone else. Rebecca E. Kelly Versailles Regret the noise Editor, The Sun: To the residents of Versailles/Woodford County: The Woodford County Fair Association hosted its first motorsports event of the year on Saturday, April 29. Unfortunately, mother nature did not cooperate and when the show was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., the rain came. Many people were in attendance, and drivers from many states, including not only Kentucky but Missouri, West Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio. The association chose to delay the show until 9 p.m. and the track could be repaired. The show brought a lot of people into our small town and they were very complimentary of Woodford County's hospitality. The drivers and fans were treated to a fantastic show but, because of the rain delay, it ran much later than anticipated. The intent of the association was for the show to end before midnight but, due to the delay, it ran much later. We regret if anyone was affected or bothered by the noise. We hope that everyone can understand. Woodford County Fair Association

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