• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Midsummer Nights set for three Fridays

MIDWAY - The city council Monday gave the go-ahead for the second annual Midsummer Nights in Midway festival, which will take place on three Fridays: June 30, July 28 and Aug. 25. The motion to grant Midway Renaissance, Inc., a civic event permit passed unanimously, and will allow local restaurants to sell alcohol by the drink and patrons to carry their beverages around Main Street. "Those events were a huge success last year (and) we decided they were worth doing again," said Debra Shockley, the president of Midway Renaissance, the chief sponsor and organizer of the events. Shockley said as-yet unsigned bands will play live music from 7 to 10 each evening, and local non-profits and churches will be invited to set up booths, too. Shockley said outside vendors won't be solicited. Shockley said they're recruiting bands to play danceable music from the 1950s through the 1990s. Speed sign Vandegrift said he has a new strategy to convince the state to lower the speed limit on Winter Street in the residential area between Midway School Apartments and Main Street. Vandegrift said a portable radar sign that also records data showed 10,500 northbound cars passed through the area between April 20 and April 26 - an average of 1,500 a day. Many of those were speeding, he said. His new strategy to convince state Transportation Cabinet officials to lower the speed limit from 35 mph to 25 mph there will be to stress the volume of vehicles. "I think the argument's got to be, 'Look how many cars,'" Vandegrift said. Vandegrift also said that portable speed bumps recently ordered by the city will likely be set on Stephens Street next week. Cemetery letter Council Member Libby Warfield said she's still working on a list of people with loved ones in Midway Cemetery to receive a letter noting that the city intends to enforce long-standing rules being ignored by some. Warfield, the chair of the council's Cemetery, City and Blighted Property Committee, said just last week she noticed two new "really big" artificial arrangements, which are banned there from March 1 to Nov. 30. Warfield said with Memorial Day approaching, she was worried that there will be many more such decorations, "... and we're going to need to throw them away." Litter - or free speech? Vandegrift discussed a matter raised at the previous council meeting: what to do, if anything, about a Georgetown business that leaves packets of cards and a flier in the driveways of Midway residents. Vandegrift said he believed the council should consider drafting an ordinance that would force businesses to attach such material to a person's front door. "It is a predatory business," Vandegrift said of Cash Express. "But one man's predatory business is another's campaign donor," he added with a smile, suggesting that donations from payday loan associations were a factor in the state legislature not cracking down on them.

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