• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Budget, salary increase recommendations revisited

The Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously on Thursday, May 11, to amend its proposed budget for next fiscal year to include a salary increase of 3.5 percent for its staff. With higher health insurance costs anticipated for county employees in the coming year, Woodford Fiscal Court has recommended a salary increase of 3.5 percent for employees. The Planning Commission had approved a proposed increase of 3 percent for its employees in a 2017-18 budget sent to the governing bodies in March. The proposed bump in salary will help employees pay higher co-pays and deductibles anticipated in new health insurance plans, Planning Director Pattie Wilson explained prior to the vote on May 11. Woodford Reserve plan The Planning Commission unanimously approved a revised layout of the Woodford Reserve Distillery warehouse property at 5799 McCracken Pike to include a 470 square-foot modular office building. Four warehouses are located on the site. Cedar Ridge lots The commission unanimously approved an amended plat for the last phase of the Cedar Ridge residential subdivision. The plat creates 25 lots and connects three stubbed streets within the subdivision, according to Wilson. With the approval, she said NARO Properties can submit construction plans to the Technical Review Committee. No one spoke during the commission's public hearing before the preliminary plat was approved. Wooldridge Gardens The commission unanimously approved an amended preliminary plat for Wooldridge Gardens (Anderson Communities) to reconfigure 10 residential lots, add seven parking spaces and link a bike trail to the existing Falling Springs Boulevard trail. No one spoke during a public hearing on phase II of the Wooldridge Gardens plat. Flower fund donations The commission took no action on a motion by Patty Perry that members donate $50 out of their checks (for serving on the commission) to replenish its memorial flower fund. In response, Jim Boggs said donations should be voluntary and not required. His concerns about making memorial flower fund donations a requirement led commission attorney Tim Butler to offer some cautionary words. "If you take it out of your checks and it's the commission writing the check - that's the commission's funds that you're spending at least by appearance," said Butler. "So it may be problematic." At his suggestion that the commission might want to check with its auditor before allowing any donations to come out of commission-issued checks, commission members agreed to instead replenish its flower fund with personal out-of-pocket donations, which has been the practice in previous years. A moment of silence The commission had a moment of silence to remember longtime Chair J. D. Wolf, who died on April 1. Wolf served on the commission since 2006 and was elected chair in 2010. "You always knew where you stood with J.D.," said current Planning Commission Chair Chad Wells prior to calling for a moment of silence, which continued for an extended period of time. "I think the moment of silence was fitting for Mr. Wolf because I always gave him a hard time about keeping track of the time (during public hearings)," which elicited laughter from other commission members.

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