• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Quint mom enjoys Mother’s Day times 5

ON MOTHER’S DAY, Briana Driskell’s mom, Debbie Turner, presented her with this necklace from her five babies. It’s not known whether the infants, who are not presently employed, will be required to pay her back. (Photo submitted)

Briana Driskell spent her first Mother’s Day doing what most mothers do – spending time with her children. Of course, as much of America knows by now, the Versailles native and her husband, Jordan, aren’t typical parents. After a difficult pregnancy and delivery, Briana gave birth to quintuplets on May 2. She left UK Chandler Hospital a week later, but the five newest Driskells, delivered more than two months before their due date, will remain there until sometime in July. Briana said on Mother’s Day, she was “here, there and everywhere.” She had lunch with Jordan, who returned to work Monday. Much of the rest of the day was spent with Zoey, Asher, Dakota, Gavin and Hollyn. “Oh, my gosh – rewarding,” she said of her time with her children. “It’s so hard for me to believe that I have five kids, though. But it’s very rewarding. My mom bought me a necklace from the babies that has ‘Mom,’ on it, so that was really sweet, and of course, I cried,” Briana said. The babies are all doing great, and the picc (peripherally inserted central catheter) lines used for intravenous feeding have been removed from all of them save Hollyn. “She’s the biggest, so therefore she requires more fluids, so she should be getting her picc line out tomorrow (Tuesday),” Briana said. Even before Briana went to the hospital May 2, the folks back home were raising funds and holding diaper drives for the parents-to-be. “I cannot believe how blessed we are to have such a community that has been reaching out to us and more than willing to help us – people we don’t even know …” she said. “It’s very special to us to have that. We just feel extremely blessed and we’re extremely grateful for everybody who has helped us out.” Between time with their babies, the Driskells have spent some of their time reading versions of their tale carried by media entities around the country. They did a phone interview with NBC’s “Today Show” broadcast Monday, have been contacted by “Inside Edition,” and saw their story in The Washington Post. Asked if she had anything else to say, Briana paused, then said, “I can’t believe I’m finally a mom. After all these years trying to get pregnant and everything, I was starting to lose hope, then finally we ended up getting five babies. It’s a miracle. I honestly still can’t believe it.”

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