• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Traugott: ‘Even better’ revenues for FY ’17-18

Versailles Mayor Brian Traugott Tuesday set forth his proposed budget for fiscal year 2018, saying of city revenues, “You can tell, next year is going to be even better than this year, and this has been a good year, by all measures.” Traugott projects general fund revenue to increase from $9,407,565 to $9,928,3679 – in large part due to increases in property and payroll taxes. Other highlights: • A five percent pay hike for city employees, with department heads receiving a 2.75 percent hike. Neither council members nor the mayor would get a pay raise. Traugott said health insurance costs for city employees will drop by 2.5 percent for a better plan, which he called “unheard of.” • Police department expenditures would increase from $3,841,703 to $4,015,673. • Fire department expenditures would increase from $1,313,451 to $1,439,088. • General fund expenditures would increase from $8,867,451 to $9,458,025. • Capital expenditures would include $15,000 for a downtown mural Traugott said he hoped half of which would be paid for by donations, $25,000 for downtown sidewalk improvements and $70,000 for a new truck for brush and leaves. • Road fund spending would increase from $163,805 to $200,000. • The enterprise fund revenues, which includes garbage, water and sewer payments, would increase from $17,299,100 to $17,557,000. • Water department expenditures would increase from $3,064,625 to $3,143,639. • Sewer department expenditures would increase from $3,059,501 to $3,100,751. • Capital expenditures in the enterprise fund budget would increase from $8,274,000 to $11,274,000, with three-quarters of the increase relating to the expansion and renovation of the sewer plant. Finance Committee Chair Mike Coleman will have an opportunity to set up a meeting or meetings on Traugott’s proposal, and Traugott said all council members are welcome to offer their input. A first reading on the city’s budget will take place at the council’s next meeting on June 6. Events coordinator Shortly after a presentation from students involved in last month’s third annual Spark Versailles event, the council voted unanimously to hire an events coordinator. Traugott said that person will be of great assistance to Spark Versailles and other happenings, and suggested appropriating $15,000 for the part-time position, with the pay being up to $15 per-hour. New title for Miller The council voted unanimously to amend the city’s list of nonelected offices to include the public works director, who is presently Bart Miller. Traugott said the public works director has control over more than 50 percent of the city’s budget, and that not including Miller’s post in the list was “an egregious oversight.” The new title will require an appointment by the mayor and confirmation by the council, neither of which are expected to be problems for Miller. Quotes The council voted unanimously to accept low bids from: • Woodford Seal Coat for $3,700 to seal Rose Crest Cemetery and $1,450 to seal Simmons Street Cemetery. • Stotts Construction Company of Columbia for $13,500 to bore under Frankfort Street for a 6-inch water line tie-in near Murray Street. The project will increase water pressure at Woodford County High School, according to the Public Works Department. • Stotts Construction Company for $14,000 for the sewer connection to More Than A Bakery, which was part of the city’s incentive plan for the plant.

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