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Public Records - May 25th

District Court Vanessa Dickson, judge Week of May 15 Traffic Failure of owner to maintain required insurance - Charles Reuben Cornelius, $393; Quentin Samuel Martin, combined with speeding and failure to wear seatbelt, $328; Angela Frances Wilhoit, $243. Speeding - Timothy Michael Edmondson, $143 plus state traffic school; Virginia M. Gee, $163; Lori Ann Handy, $163; Natasha M. Haskins, combined with no/expired registration plates, $218; Latasha R. Hill, $163; William L. Kanatzer Jr., $143 plus state traffic school; Keith A. Miller, combined with no insurance, $253; Kelly M. Smith, combined with no insurance, $663; Lori Jean Smith, $143 plus state traffic school; Kirsten L. Vittitow, $143 plus state traffic school; Ruben Jordan Warr, combined with operating on suspended/revoked operator's license, $388; Zachary Woodrum, $163. DUI - Gerran Thomas Kohn, combined with no insurance, $843; Jennifer Elizabeth Ney, $743; Da'Tonio Gillis, combined with failure to wear seatbelt, $843; Sara Jane Bledsoe, $718 plus four days with two days' credit. Failure to file accident report - Daniel Lee Pfau, $243. No operator's/moped license - Najera M. Ramirez, $243. Reckless driving - Charles Joseph Tapp, combined with possession of open alcoholic beverage container in a motor vehicle, $178 plus state traffic school. Operating on suspended/revoked operator's license - Calvin F. Corrigall, two counts, $311 plus eight days with six days' credit. Misdemeanors Possession of marijuana - Travis Lamar Collins, 216 Clifton Road, $260.50. Resident fishing without license/permit - Montano Gonzalez, Lexington, $193. Theft by deception (includes cold checks) - Addison R. Horsley, 531 Sheffield Drive, three counts, $476.07; Carla S. Prather, 139 Camden Avenue, two counts, $541.36. Menacing - Helen L. Rowe, address unavailable, combined with alcohol intoxication in a public place and disorderly conduct (2nd degree), $210.50 plus one day with one day's credit. Assault, 4th degree, domestic violence (minor injury) - John Wesley Holbrook, 1275 Spring Station Road, Midway, $160.50 plus 31 days, serve one with credit. Criminal trespassing - Margaret E. Bryant, 222 Green Street, $235.50 plus 11 days with 11 days' credit and balance probated for two years; Christopher B. Foley, address unavailable, $185.50 plus five days with five days' credit. Giving officer false name or address - Samantha Vice, address unavailable, combined with criminal attempt at identity theft, $210.50 plus 11 days with 11 days' credit. Criminal trespassing, 2nd degree - Joyce E. Waters, 113 Woodlawn Drive, $185.50 plus five days with one day's credit. Police Reports Versailles police responded to four injury accidents, 24 non-injury wrecks, one domestic-related complaint, issued one citation/summons and made two arrests. On May 12, a Jeep Wrangler driven by Tylan Tucker, 17, of 619 Regent Road, was on Marsailles Road when he didn't stop at the stop sign at Huntertown Road. Tucker's vehicle struck a Toyota Solara driven by Marien Schwartz, 60, of 440 Gleneagles Way, whose vehicle was headed downtown on Huntertown Road. Schwartz was taken to Bluegrass Community Hospital. Police say Tucker failed to yield. On May 17 at 10:14 a.m., a Volvo VNL driven by Radomir Kantar, 29, of Sioux Falls, S.D., was parked on the shoulder of the I-64 East ramp to a rest area while Angela L. Wickman, 22, of Lawrenceburg, merged onto the I-64 East off-ramp. Wickman said she was getting tunnel vision and thought she'd pass out, so she tried to pull behind Kantar to park before passing out. Her right front bumper struck Kantar's left back trailer. Wickman was taken to Frankfort Regional Medical Center. On May 17 at 11:45, a Subaru Outback driven by Richard C. Dolan, 82, of 8005 Sea Hero Drive, was leaving the car wash on Lexington Street when he hit the accelerator instead the brake, ran over a curb and struck a tree. He was treated at the scene by Woodford County EMS workers. Police say his vehicle was not under proper control. On May 18 at 1:31 p.m., a Daimler-Chrysler Sprinter driven by Alreda C. Elliott, 58, of Richmond, was southbound on Cedar Grove Lane when it rear-ended a Dodge Ram driven by Michael S. Power, 62, of Stamping Ground. Power was taken to Bluegrass Community Hospital. Police say Power had no insurance and expired tags. On May 16, police issued a citation on Yellow Jacket Drive for failure to appear in court and possession of drug paraphernalia. On May 21, a vehicle was reported leaving the scene of an accident on Fords Mill Road. On May 14, police made an arrest on Douglas Avenue for trafficking in methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. On May 16, two cases of theft by deception involving cold checks were reported at the Marathon on Lexington Street. On May 16, a GMC Sierra was reported vandalized on Wildwood Drive, with damage estimated at $500. On May 14, a Samsung cell phone worth $300 was reported stolen from a home on Dunroven Road. On May 18, a Buick Century was reported stolen and recovered on High Street. On May 16, police made an arrest for disorderly conduct on Macey Avenue. Fire Reports City Firefighters performed 21 EMS assists and installed one child safety seat during the past week. An electrical short was investigated on North Main Street May 16. A liquid spill was cleaned on North Main Street May 16. City and county firefighters assisted with the search for an elderly woman who had wandered away from home in the McDonald Drive area. The woman was found unharmed. Firefighters responded to a vehicle accident on Lexington Street May 17. A smoke detector was activated on Tyrone Pike May 23. County Firefighters performed three EMS assists during the past week. A fire alarm malfunctioned on McCowans Ferry Road May 16. Firefighters responded to vehicle accidents on I-64 and the Blue Grass Parkway May 17, and on Lexington Road May 18. A mulch fire was extinguished on Chestnut Lane May 17. A vehicle struck a fire hydrant on Tim Tam Trail May 18. A mulch fire was extinguished on Lexington Road May 18. People testing an alarm system on Old Frankfort Pike activated it. A smoke detector malfunctioned on Gleneagles Way May 21. Fumes from a "bug bomb" activated an alarm on Dunroven Drive May 22. Animal Control Woodford County Animal Control (879-0598) is holding a stray female gray short-haired tortoiseshell cat. Animal Control holds stray pets for five days. A list of impounded animals may be found on the front door of the animal control building at 210 Beasley Road. Public Records SUITS Petition for the dissolution of marriage - Sandra F. Cox and Billy W. Cox. Phyllis Cook vs. Linda Lancaster for $10,500 plus interest claimed due on a debt. Kentucky Housing Corporation vs. Randall A. Redmon for $90,356.85 plus interest and costs claimed due on a debt. Commonwealth of Kentucky, ex rel., vs. Kristen L. Waters for support of minor child. Lizsa A. Graul vs. Leslie E. Graul for support for minor children. Gateway Financial Solutions vs. Lori Smith for $8,117.92 plus interest and costs claimed due on a debt. Commonwealth Bankshares Series 2008 vs. Daniel T. Soard, et al., for $2,403.15 plus fees, expenses, court costs, interest and attorney fees claimed due on a debt. Americredit Financial Services, Inc., vs. Mark Johnson for $11,347.79 plus interest and attorney fees claimed due on a debt. National Association, N.A. vs. Whitney Bowman, et al., for $60,991.15 plus interest, court costs, advances and other charges claimed due on a debt. DEEDS Patricia F. Zerkle and Robert A. Zerkle to Linda Holst, 6665 McCowans Ferry Road, $230,000. Clark Frye and Blane Frye to BC Frye, LLC, (Clark Frye and Blane Frye, members), 845 Mildred Street, $1. Holly Jennings to Ellen R. Winkler and Richard T. Winkler, as trustees of the Ellen R. Winkler living trust, 215A Berry Avenue, $107,000. Danielle Purcell Adams and James A. Adams to Marc Noon and Amy Blanton Noon, 570 Adena Trace, $270,000. Jessica L. King, as executor of the Thomas Raymond Dragoo estate, to Michael Thomas and Alanna Thomas, 159 Paddock Drive, $70,000. Robert C. Stilz Jr., as master commissioner of the Woodford Circuit Court, to Adam McDonald, 801 Sequoya Trail, $76,100. Adam McDonald and Tiffany McDonald to Ezra H. Hill, 304 Kentucky Avenue, $60,000. Michael Wayne Thomas and Alanna M. Thomas to Mark Thomas, 109-1/2 Highview Drive, $1. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, 111 Garnett Court, $10, quitclaim deed. John H. Backs and Ellen S. Backs to Backs Family Trust (John Backs and Ellen Backs, trustees), 625 Oxford Road, other consideration. Bob Pugh Enterprises, Inc., (Robert B. Pugh, president), to James W. McKee and Tarona D. McKee, 2056 Rose Bay Road, $248,000. Joe Emery and Courtney Emery to Amanda Olds, 111 Highview Drive, $117,500. Douglas P. Buechlein and Donica J. Buechlein to Thomas Adam Probst and Tracy Carol Probst, 1720 Scotts Ferry Road, $600,000. Tibor Gyorffy and Judith A. Gyorffy to Christopher Adam Wright and Lauren Peterson Wright, 1025 Bluegrass Road, $464,500. Woodall Realty Company, LLC, (Jerry Woodall, manager), to Charles M. Flora Jr. and Linda F. Flora, 116 Chinoe Road, $149,500. Patsy Stromberg Leavell and Dennis T. Leavell to Bertha Gonzalez-Lizcano and Marcos Guitierrez, 123 Clifton Road, $10,000. Bradley S. Fleenor and Melissa A. Fleenor to Karen R. Green, 105 Plumtree Court, $190,750. James Dean Ellis and Michael Troy Ellis, as co-trustees of the Dorothy L. Ellis living trust, to John Denison Holmes, 430 Craigs Creek Road, $212,000. MARRIAGE LICENSES Melanie Lynn Bahaw and Jason Edwards Cook; Amanda Marie Ellis and Matthew Albert Reho; Brittany Carroll Edwards and Bryan Dewayne Watts; Audrey Elizabeth Sandknop and Richard Chase Henderlight.

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