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About 50 members and their wives attended the 2017 Midway High School Reunion last Saturday. The best thing about this reunion, which occurs every year, it gives old school chums a chance to catch up on each other's latest aches and pains. I wouldn't doubt that this is the oldest old school reunion in Kentucky. The last one that I've read about in the news was the Dunbar High School reunions but that's been a few years back. Attendance to the Midway reunion drops just a little bit more every year as the older Midway High School Blues are either getting too old to travel or have passed on. There is an exception now that an attendee doesn't have to be a graduate of Midway High School. Now anyone that attended Midway Elementary or the high school can come to the reunion. I will try to get the information early enough next year so that you can get your reservations sent in and attend. The evening started off with a round of Bingo and afterwards there was plenty of good food made available at the gathering, which took place in the Midway Baptist Church fellowship hall. Mike Rankin served up ham, chicken, potatoes, rolls and chocolate and cherry pie. After dinner, a drawing was held and prizes donated by some Midway merchants were handed out. ... There was a good turnout last Sunday at the Walter Bradley Woodford Park for the Woodford County Pride Picnic and Midway Fairness Ordinance Celebration. There was music, speeches and food galore. This was the first year for the event. ... While reading through some old Midway news from April of 1896 I found it interesting that, because of a financial crisis that the city was having at the time, the mayor, councilmen, city treasurer, and city attorney all agreed to serve for the rest of the year without compensation. If my memory serves me right, all the salaries for the group for the didn't total much over $2,000.

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