• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Clock tower project moves forward

In a 30-minute meeting Tuesday, Woodford Fiscal Court set the stage for paying what may be a $1 million bill for a renovated clock tower, new roof and other work deemed necessary for safety's sake. The first reading of the "General Obligation for Courthouse Repairs" did not cover the final price, which is unknown presently, and may be tweaked before a vote authorizing the payment. County Attorney Alan George said the standard form ordinance did not authorize any new taxes to pay for the project - a concern Magistrate Mary Ann Gill (Dist. 7) mentioned. The project was given emergency status, which does not require competitive bidding, after Maintenance Superintendent Rick Wade and others said they worried that high winds could blow off portions of the wooden clock tower. Quoins on two of the buildings corners will also be examined and possibly replaced as well. BFMJ, a Lexington engineering firm, prepared the conditions assessment and suggested the hiring of the Lexington construction company Congleton-Hacker to be the prime contractor. New EMS station for Midway? Ambulance Director Freeman Bailey briefed the court on a recent meeting of the Woodford County Fire Protection District about the possibility of a new Emergency Medical Services operation in Midway. "Right now, we're still calculating all the numbers as to when we can reach that decision to open that station," Bailey said. Magistrate C.L. Watts asked, "But you want to get that done this calendar year?" Bailey said, "If we can try to get it within a year, we could, just because of the volume (of calls)." Bailey said the number of runs to the Midway area has increased and every time the county gets a call for third-call runs, he's paying overtime to at least two or three people. "It will be a cost savings, but ... we'll try to start the station on an eight-hour day (schedule) ..." Bailey said. He said the unit could operate out of the old Midway Fire Station at the corner of Leestown Road and Winter Street. "If we can get the property (owned by the Fire Protection District) at a reasonable amount, then we don't have to build a building," Freeman said. The Fire Board also has the option to sell the property or work out a lease with the EMS Department, he said. Any decision on the matter is unlikely until the new Midway Fire Station is constructed on Leestown Road in seven or eight months, Bailey said. The court also unanimously accepted the proposed $1,512,000 budget submitted by the Fire Protection District. Workers compensation bill The court unanimously approved a contract to pay the Kentucky Association of County Officials (KACo) $283,285 for workers compensation coverage effective July 1, the beginning of fiscal year 2018. Magistrate Ken Reed (Dist. 5) asked what the county paid last year, but Treasurer Sabra Garman was unable to immediately find that figure, saying that the bill was broken up for different departments. "I don't have a copy of that bill, because I don't get a copy of that bill," Garman said. Courthouse open July 4 Magistrates unanimously approved a request from Versailles City Council Member Mike Coleman to open the courthouse from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the city's 4th of July celebration. Elevator contract - with a hitch Coyle got a hearty laugh before the court voted to approve a payment to D-C Elevator Company for a $195 annual safety test on the courthouse elevator. Coyle asked clerk Melody Traugott to send the company a letter noting the misspelled name of his predecessor, Joseph Gormley, in the elevator. "If they won't put my name in there as the judge, to at least correct Judge (Joseph) Gormley's name. Instead of Bromley, at least make it Judge Gormley," Coyle said.

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