• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Construction plans for new fire station reviewed

The Woodford County Fire Department will soon have a new fire station and training center on Leestown Road, north of Midway. Fire Chief John Varner said the new four-bay station will replace his department's existing two-bay station, also on Leestown Road. "We're building for the future is what we're doing," said Varner. He said the new fire station's five-acre site will provide opportunities for training exercises in the coming years. Construction plans for the new fire station were reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC) on Tuesday morning and forwarded to the City of Midway and Woodford County engineer Buan Smith for letters of approval before a grading permit is issued and construction can begin. "We hope to be close (to occupying the new station) by the end of the year if everything goes right and the weather cooperates with us and everything," said Varner. Wooldridge apartments A final development plan for 156 apartment units in the Wooldridge Gardens residential neighborhood on Falling Springs Boulevard was sent to the Planning Commission. Construction plans were also reviewed by TRC. Smith asked for additional information about how an existing drainage basin will handle water runoff with the development of these apartment units. One solution may involve increasing the volume of the retention basin, he said. Mitzi Dilius, utilities manager for the City of Versailles, said the city prefers to not have any water mains and sewer lines located under parking areas as proposed by the developer of this residential development. Versailles public works and Smith must provide letters of approval before a grading permit is issued and construction can begin on the planned apartment units in the Wooldridge Gardens neighborhood. In-family conveyance A minor consolidation plat for an in-family conveyance allowing Silas and Joyce Goodrich to convey a 10.055-acre lot at 3595 Clifton Road to their grandson, Tony Goodrich, was sent to the P&Z's chair for approval. A 124.585-acre parent farm will remain after this in-family conveyance.

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