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Every once in a while when I get together with people, the subject of the good old days always seems to become part of the conversation. I can always refer to things that have happened in Midway while I was growing up in Midway, but I can't personally account for some of the things that happened in Midway in the year 1888. Midway wasn't a boring town even in those days. According to an older Midwegian, Dooley Rogers, he remembers when the streets of the business part of town were paved with brick and had plank walkways. A big Russian guy would come to town once a year and excited all the boys and the men in town as he did tricks. (I wonder what the girls and women did while the bear show was going on.) Then there was the "Hurdy Gurdy Man" and his monkey who made annual trips to Midway. I wonder what would happen today if a monkey, a big Russian, a bear and a "Hurdy Gurdy Man" came into town today. Community Garden Update The gardeners from the fields of the Midway Community Garden have reported that if you want any lettuce, you best be making your way to the garden. Even though it's looking good at the moment, as are the kale, collard, mustered and chard, the hot sun is starting to beat down and will soon make the lettuce bitter. So hurry and start picking - we shouldn't let it go to waste. Word is also out that the cabbage is about ready to be picked. If you are taking the cabbage, be sure to look for the larger heads and give the smaller heads a chance to grow bigger. Okay, keep your cotton-picking hands ... I mean your potato-digging hands off the potatoes. According to the experts, they ain't ready. How can you tell? The potato is underground so we can't really tell if it's ready to be dug up or not unless we could bring in some kind of potato x-ray machine. It is a lot easier to tell if they are ready if you just take a look at the part of the plant that is growing above ground. If the leaves and the stem are starting to die back, then give it another few days and start digging. I know you thought that all potatoes grew in a bag at your local grocery, but now you know different. It's amazing what we can learn from a community garden, so why not bring your children out and let them see their first potato bug or, if you're quiet, watch some rabbits try to run off with some lettuce of their own Best thing about the garden is that it is always open. If you want to pick or work with others, there is a work day every Saturday at 10 a.m.Come for community and vegetables.

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