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Hemp program held on June 10

In observance of National Hemp Week, Woodford Forward held a program on the Woodford County Historical Society's front lawn on June 10. This program was presented by Chase Milner, CEO of Woodford Forward, formerly known as Woodford Tomorrow, and Daniel Isenstein, president of Hemp Highway of Kentucky. Milner and Isenstein had both vintage and current brochures, a poster and samples on display and offered some to visitors. Hemp was formerly used mainly in the production of rope and related products. Versailles once had its own hemp factory, a now unused building still standing on Preston Court. Later, hemp became associated with marijuana because of some of the ingredients within this product. In recent years after the Kentucky Legislature approved hemp production with strict regulations, there are now a limited number of commercial hemp growers. Today's uses include in food (for protein value) and beverage products, textiles, soaps and other items. For more information on this plant, contact Daniel Isenstein at 859-339-7176.

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