• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Court okays $17.5 million budget for FY 2017-18

In a short meeting Tuesday, Woodford Fiscal Court voted unanimously to approve a $17,548,466.15 budget for fiscal year 2018, which begins July 1. Nearly two thirds of the spending comes from the general fund. General: $11,496,259.74. Road: $2,077,518.03. Jail: $2,298,475.02. Local Government Economic Assistance: $231,093.53. State grants: $487,347.39. Federal grants: $556,795. Disaster Emergency Services: $107,527. Debt service: $293,450.74. Total revenues are expected to be $14,749,642.39, with a prior-year carry-over of $2,743,312.53 and total available of $17,147,488.71. The largest projected sources of revenue include: Payroll taxes: $5,500,000. Real estate/sheriff: $1,400,000. Sheriff fees: $975,000. Net profits license fees: $975,000. County road aid: $657,056. County clerk fees: $650,000. State prisoners: $341,712. Courthouse update Maintenance Superintendent Rick Wade briefed the court on the approximately $1 million courthouse renovation project and the fencing and scaffolding surrounding the south side of the building. The scaffolding went up Monday, and Wade said workers are putting in 10-hour days this week, but will be off Friday, Monday and Tuesday and begin again Wednesday at 7 a.m. Wade said they'll be installing shoring in the attic to maintain a safe structure, and Thursday, prime contractor Congleton-Hacker will put decking in to add another layer of safety. For now, a fence and scaffolding has taken away all the parking spaces on the south side of the building, and Judge-Executive John Coyle jokingly asked Wade if it could be moved to the sheriff's side. Griers Creek Bridge In response to a question by Magistrate Gerald Dotson (Dist. 5), Road Engineer Buan Smith said work on Griers Creek Bridge, which was closed last December after a state inspection, has been delayed. Smith said a permit to the Army Corps of Engineers had to be resubmitted because of "nationwide" changes in permit regulations. He also said he learned earlier in the day that the county will have to resubmit a permit to the Kentucky Division of Water. "Once you have all that, how long will it take to repair or replace?" asked Dotson. Smith said it would take at least three or four weeks to bid the project and get a contractor and, after that, up to about 10 weeks to get a bridge in place. Surplus, savings Sheriff Wayne Wright received unanimous approval to put $12,500 raised from the sale of military surplus vehicles in the reserve transfer fund. In response to a question at the June 13 meeting from Magistrate Ken Reed (Dist. 4), Treasurer Sabra Garman gave the court a sheet showing the county will pay $1,796 less for workers' compensation coverage than last year. Gill to chair committee Coyle appointed Magistrate Mary Ann Gill (Dist. 7) as chair of a new county ordinance review committee. The announcement came shortly after Gill spoke of continuing nuisance-related problems at a home on Ravenwood Drive, and after the appointment, she asked Coyle whether the committee would focus on nuisance-related laws. Coyle responded that the committee could review every county ordinance - including those prohibiting jumping off bridges, he joked - then suggested she start with the major ones. Magistrates C.L. Watts (Dist. 2) and Jackie Brown (Dist. 8) were also appointed to the committee, which will include Coyle. Library Board The court unanimously approved Coyle's nominee of Gerald Wuetcher for a new four-year term on the Library Board of Trustees. Finnell in charge Coyle issued an executive order appointing Magistrate Gary Finnell (Dist. 3) to be acting judge-executive when he goes on vacation soon. Finnell will serve until Coyle returns "sometime in July."

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