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The Monday night community dinner brought in a packed house this month. There is one thing for certain and I have probably said this before, the odds of someone starving to death in Midway are pretty darn slim when you think about all the great restaurants in town and the community dinner that takes place at the Midway Christian Church. The dinner this month was the first veggie meal of the summer featuring Kentucky Proud local produce from Susan Martin Hutcherson and Bobby Hutcherson of Hutcherson Produce Farm in Frankfort and local lettuce from the Ginter's at Bluegrass Aquaponics in Midway. Everyone who attended had a chance to enjoy white beans with ham, green beans and new potatoes, roasted yellow squash, zucchini and onion, Midway's own Weisenberger grits with cheddar cheese and garlic, a chunky salad of tomato, cucumbers and onion in an oil/vinegar/herb dressing, a lettuce salad, cornbread, chocolate cake and vanilla cake, and a beverage. Community Garden Update The Midway Community Garden is definitely in full bloom and if the potatoes aren't all prematurely taken, they should be about right for the digging. I know personally the lettuce is ready as I am still wilting the lettuce with the bacon, adding a bit of vinegar and enjoying every minute of the feast that will increase my cholesterol by 10 or more points. There are just some things that you just can't turn down no matter what tragedies follow. ... For those of you who complain about the Midway water bills, try to envision this: The June 8 Woodford Sun brought up a clipping from the Bluegrass Clipper: June 6, 1918, the town's pump on Railroad Street was in such poor working condition that it took 35 revolutions of the wheel handle before water begins to flow from the spout and another 35 pumps to fill the bucket. You may or may not remember this is how Midwegians got their water in Midway in those days. There were a couple of pumps on Railroad Street and a pump was located at the end of every other block. You had to go to the closest water pump, crank the handle until the water came out to fill the bucket that you brought from the house. You filled your bucket and the water was used to drink, and wash your dishes and clothes so there were probable several trips to the pump in a day. Those were part of Midway's good old days. Now we complain because all we have to do now days is turn a handle on a faucet and get the water we need, be it hot or cold, and pay our water bill each month. We don't think about the water bill that includes our garbage pickup and our sewer usage. Oh, we probably could go back to the days that my Irish grandmother use to tell me about. Her family chore each morning was carrying the bedpans to the outhouses to be emptied and how she would get up really early to carry out her duties so no one would see her carrying the bed pans across the yard. Of course, the cost of all this was very little but if you put all this in today's times do you as a parent really think that you could get your 9- or 10-year-old to get up every morning at dawn and empty the family's evening waste. Look, I'm just saying if you look at things from a different perspective a $50 or $75 water, sewer, and garbage bill might not be so bad after all. Now if you have a larger family your bill may be a bit higher but even with a larger family the chances of getting one of your children to empty the bed pans or fetch a pail of water, like Jack and Jill, are still nil. ... As I said last week, the Twiggenburys are hitting town for the first Mid-Summer Nights in Midway this Friday night and it looks like it's not going to lose any ground from last year. There are going to be vendors along with the usual Midway downtown shops along the sidewalks and there will be a few more surprises for the kids. So meet me in Midway Friday night.

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