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University of Kentucky The following students from Woodford County received degrees from the University of Kentucky during commencement ceremonies held on May 5, 2017, with the following exceptions: * indicates a degree awarded Aug. 4, 2016; ** indicates a degree awarded Dec. 16, 2016; and † indicates a degree will be conferred Aug. 3, 2017, if candidates have met all degree requirements. The Graduate School Doctor of Philosophy: Woodrow Wilson Burchett, IV†, Versailles, major, statistics; Jaime Kirsten Hardy, Versailles, major, psychology – clinical psychology; Karen Estes West Martin, Midway, major, social work. Doctor of Education: Carrie DeAnn Davidson, Versailles, major, kinesiology and health promotion; Gavin Pierre Washington**, Versailles, major, educational policy studies, measurement, and evaluation. Specialist in Education: Britney Paige Nichols, Versailles; Elizabeth Allin Springate, Versailles. Master of Arts: Chloe Ellen DePriest, Versailles; Justin Elliot Goff*, Versailles. Master of Music: David Blevins**, Versailles. Master of Public Administration: Patricia Leigh Coakley**, Versailles; Lisa Caswell Johnson**, Versailles. Master of Science: Tiffany Kae Fanter*, Versailles. Master of Science in Accounting: Brooklyn S. Gamble*, Versailles. Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders: Kari Beth Vanzant, Versailles. Master of Science in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering: Bradford Lane Greenwell*, Versailles. Master of Science in Education: Christine Rebecca Stephens-Bez**, Versailles. College of Dentistry Doctor of Dental Medicine: Elizabeth Anne Goebel, Versailles. College of Law Juris doctor: Vernon Ray Leach, Jr., Versailles. College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy: Elizabeth Ann Jacobs, Versailles. College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics: Sydney Elizabeth Gardner, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Dietetics: Roeshelle Mae Back**, Versailles; Alexa Erin McLaughlin†, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences: Kerri Webster, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Family Sciences: Allison Ruth Turnbull**, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management: Julie M. Shaw*, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Science: Chad W. Goodrich, Versailles. College of Arts & Sciences Bachelor of Arts: Katherine N. Adams**, Versailles; Shannon Marie Barnett, Versailles; Joseph Hayden Barrows**, Versailles; Kaylee Robin Hicks, Versailles; Charlsey Nave, Versailles; Kelsey T. Padgett**, Versailles; Savannah Paige Patton, Versailles; Shelby Hunter Williams**, Versailles. Bachelor of Science: Stephen Nicholas Baker**, Versailles; Rachel Elizabeth McCoy, Versailles; Marisa Yasmine Hernandez, Versailles. College of Business and Economics Bachelor of business administration: David Adam Brown**, Versailles; Andrew Tyler Coffman, Versailles; Nicholas Oliver Foster, Versailles; Taylor Lawrence Holloway**, Versailles; Michael Anthony Metcalfe, Versailles; Ludmila B. Spasova, Versailles; Jacob T. Strange, Versailles; Laureen Tatman†, Versailles; Bailey Kathryn Tatum-Johns, Midway. Bachelor of Science in Accounting: Sarah Nicole Alegria**, Versailles; Peter Christian Bostrom, Versailles; Amy Leigh Dunagin**, Versailles; Ludmila B. Spasova, Versailles. College of Communication and Information Bachelor of Arts: Marisa LeeAnne Green**, Versailles; Jason Matthew Sebastian Harris, Versailles. College of Education Bachelor of Science in Education: Andrea M. Graham*, Versailles; Destiny LaShea Mattingly†, Versailles; Morgan D. Page, Versailles. Bachelor of Science: Etvieney Samantha Pedroza, Versailles. College of Engineering Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering: Jackson H. McKee, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering: Robert Alexander Grubbs, Versailles; Adam Cleveland Rogers, Versailles; Logan Perry Stevens*, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering: Grant P. Sparks, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Lonnie Levi Akridge, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering: Kenton William Hines, Versailles; Nathaniel E. Ratajczak, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering: Nick Teague McGregor, Versailles. College of Fine Arts Bachelor of Arts: Rachel Kathleen Hughes, Versailles. Bachelor of Music in Music Education: Litha Marie Rodgers, Versailles. Bachelor of Science: Megan Marie Campanella, Versailles. College of Health Sciences Bachelor of Health Sciences: Jordan Blaine Powell, Versailles. Bachelor of Science: Ellen Margaret Ward, Versailles. College of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice: Lisa Lynn Yearsley*, Versailles. Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Deborah A. Gill†, Versailles; Jillian Marie Kepf**, Versailles; Emma Kathryn Kroger, Versailles. The following students from Woodford County were named to the dean’s list for the spring 2017 semester: Joseph Stanley Back, Duncan J. Barron, Irina Boyechko, Nicolette Amber Brinksneader, Tyler Brian Burkett, Nicholas Kegan Burkhart, Annalee Thomas Burks, Emily Faith Burnett, Megan Marie Campanella, Hanna Marie Carr, Madison C. Caudill, Jose Ismael Chavez, Kayleigh Cress, Kathryn Marie Crutchfield, Meredith Ashleigh Davis, Joshua Ryan Finley, Kathlyn Dare Fisher, Nicholas Oliver Foster, Madeline Emilia Fuller, Sean T. Grate, Sydney Taylor Green, Hannah Kate Harris, Kristen Elizabeth Harris, Marisa Yasmine Hernandez, Evelyn Calloway Hicks, Kaylee Robin Hicks, Amanda A. Hoskins, Austin M. Huffman, Daniel Arnett Huffman, Alysha Jordan Kennedy, Sarah Noelle Kindred, Jacqueline Lea Kowalke, Brian Wyatt Lamb, Caleb Paul Martie, Noah P. Mattox, Christopher Coleman Maynard, Tyler James Maynard, Courtney Christine Montague, Elaine Marie Murner, Charlsey Nave, Bailey O. Osbourn, Madison Spence Oxley, Emily J. Parsley, Rachel Ann Pierce, Sanders Hunter Platt, Jordan Blaine Powell, Patricia Ellen Prall, Joshua David Preston, Nathaniel E. Ratajczak, Rachel R. Redeker, Amanda Gayle Rice, Sarah Jane K. Robbins, Michael Montgomery Shelton, Taylor McKinley Shultz, William David Smith, Weilian Song, Grant P. Sparks, Kendall Paige Stratton, David Allen Swisher, Laureen Tatman, Michael C. Taylor Jr., Benjamin L. Tonges, Rebecca J. Tonges, Eric Michael Vanzant, Morgan Marie Walli, Ellen Margaret Ward, Abigail F. Weber, Evan J. Williams, Caleb Michael Wilson.

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