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Brosius joins cheer squad at DePaul

WCHS GRADUATE Sierra Brosius has signed with the DePaul University Blue Demons Cheer team. Front row, from left, are mother Cindy Brosius, Sierra Brosius, brother Sam Brosius, and father John Brosius; back row, former cheer coach Terri Morford and current Woodford coach Heidi Hemlepp. (Photo by Bill Caine Photography, www.billcaine.com)

Woodford County High School graduate Sierra Brosius has signed with the DePaul University Blue Demons Cheer team. In a ceremony on July 17, the recent graduate was surrounded by family and friends to celebrate her accomplishment. Brosius has been a cheerleader for 15 of her 17 years and has always enjoyed gymnastics. Brosius moved from Oklahoma five years ago and quickly became part of the Woodford County team. Her work ethic was noted by her coaches. "She's a flyer, and when she flies, she is very skilled," said Woodford coach Heidi Hemlepp. "Sierra worked so hard for this, and she is a fantastic role model for the girls currently on the Woodford County team." Brosius had a goal of cheering on the collegiate level for some time, but after a scare during her senior year, her cheer career was left unclear. "She had a severe concussion, and we were very scared for her," Hemlepp said. "Sierra refused to quit and fought through the symptoms. She kept her skills sharp and waited for the day she was cleared to return. I think that perseverance is what makes her so special and I know she will represent Woodford County in a very positive way." Change is on the horizon for Brosius nearly instantly. "I am leaving the signing ceremony today and headed to Chicago," said Brosius. "I have a week of practice that I will be attending followed up by a week of cheer camp back-to-back. It's intense, but it's what I love, and now I get to perform on a bigger stage in front of large crowds. I love the idea of traveling the country with the basketball teams." With more practice and learning around the corner, Brosius aims to take it all in stride. "I want to push myself to be the best I can be," said Brosius. "That's why I worked so hard all of these years to see how far I can take myself."

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