• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

EV charging station set for Midway

MIDWAY - In a 25-minute meeting Monday, the city council voted 5 to 0 for a motion to bring an EV (electric car) charging station to the parking lot behind City Hall - at no cost to the city. Council Member Libby Warfield was absent. Mayor Grayson Vandegrift said the project was part of Kentucky Utility's (KU) plan to install 20 EV charging stations around the state. He gave some of the credit for Midway's participation to work by Chase Milner, CEO of the land use advocacy group Woodford Forward. "We don't pay a dime for it. All we do have to provide is two parking spaces ..." Vandegrift said. Two parking spaces in the back corner of the parking lot will be reserved for electric cars. "The advantage to having it here is that currently, most of the (electric) cars can go about 100 miles ... and that will draw people to Midway, because it takes about an hour to recharge. So ... they'll have to sit around for about an hour, so that will bring business to the businesses," Council Member Sara Hicks said. Hicks said a smart phone application shows drivers of electric cars the location of charging stations. Vandegrift said the move is the next step towards Midway becoming a greener city. He still has to sign a memorandum of agreement with KU, and said he believes the charging station will be installed sometime this summer. Pay hike The council heard first reading of an ordinance that would raise the pay of council members and the mayor beginning Jan. 1, 2019, after their current terms expire. Presently, council members are paid $600 annually and the mayor, $1,200. The motion would increase those figures to $4,800 for council members and $12,000 for the mayor. Council Member Steve Simoff said when the matter is voted on at the council's next meeting, he'll introduce an amendment that would lower the pay raise for council members to $2,400 annually. The mayor's pay hike would be unaffected, he said. Lakeshore Learning The council unanimously approved a zoning text amendment that would allow Lakeshore Learning Materials to install a larger sign than is presently allowed. Vandegrift said the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the amendment and, if it's approved, send it back to the council. Current regulations only allow signs to be as large as 300 square feet, Vandegrift said. "When the folks at Lakeshore went and looked at it, they realized it would be a dwarf sign on a 500,000 square-foot building ..." Vandegrift said. Paul Chisholm, the company's vice president of distribution, said the company hopes to install an unlit 40-foot-long sign on the 570-foot-wide facility. Chisholm said work on the massive building at Midway Station is on schedule, with seven or eight employees working out of Midway University. "The automation inside the building (will be ready by) Sept. 20 ... at the moment, so we're on track to go live with inbound activities on Sept. 29. Outbound is still Nov. 1," Chisholm said. Hiring will begin the first week of August, he said. The company, which makes and distributes educational materials, is expected to hire 262 full-time and 150 seasonal workers. Race permit The council unanimously approved an event permit for the second annual Hope For Tomorrow 5K race on Nov. 4, which will include a one-mile fun run. Race organizer Amy Scarboro said last year, 200 runners raised $3,500 for the Hope For Tomorrow children's home in Guatemala. Encroachment permit The council unanimously approved an encroachment permit for 216 Higgins Street.

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